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Building Performance Services

Through IPF's core values and strategic objectives, the Building Performance Services team provides an evidence-based approach to measure and direct planning, design, construction and life cycle decision making for the most efficient building operations on MSU's campus.

Asset Management

The Asset Management Team is composed of preventative maintenance (PM) management and deferred maintenance tracking. Asset Management inputs equipment information into the IPF computerized maintenance management system to electronically connect new and existing equipment to equipment profiles. This information can then be utilized to develop PM and track asset activity across campus. Currently, the process allows for the tracking and scheduling of equipment PM, trouble calls and a comprehensive list of deferred maintenance opportunities.

IPF is working towards a process that will track equipment trouble calls and conditions through the life of an asset. By applying a facility condition needs index (FCNI) to each asset, it will allow for a more objective scoring of equipment health and accurate prioritization of funding requests for deferred maintenance. As a result, the annual number of completed PM will be compared with trouble calls and the information merged with the database of deferred maintenance to better inform and direct funding request priorities.

Central Control

Central Control is the hub for monitoring heating, cooling and electrical systems in more than 100 buildings across MSU's campus. Using the Building Automation System, the crew identifies patterns and adjusts how systems run to optimize energy use, including scheduling start and stop times for all connected equipment.

Central control is responsible for addressing:

  • Campus-wide HVAC system scheduling
  • Reacting to alarms
  • Supporting the HVAC shop
  • Providing support to new construction/renovations for building upgrades
  • Implementing energy conservation measures

Construction Quality Assurance

The Construction Quality Assurance team is composed of an internal New Construction Commissioning team and Skilled Trades Construction Representatives (STCR).

The NC Cx team administers and executes comprehensive NC Cx on MSU design and construction projects through a project specific approach and commissioning principles. The team administrates and executes comprehensive NC Cx on MSU design and construction projects following industry recognized commissioning protocols prescribed by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), the University of Wisconsin Engineering Professional Development programs, the National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB) and the Associated Air Balance Council (AABC). Many projects are administered and executed internally, utilizing subject matter experts and third party commissioning agents to address specialty applications and/or surplus workload, as needed. To ensure that all projects are transitioned to MSU in correct, functional working order, larger projects that require Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) points receive a comprehensive commissioning process work scope, and smaller projects may receive a focused commissioning or systems verification.

The STCR team is composed of seven subject matter experts who were appointed from their respective trade-specific disciplines to support the design and construction of new facilities and major renovations. Credited with more than 300 construction standards change initiatives over the past 10 years, represented skilled trades include:

  • Architectural/structural
  • Roofing/masonry
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Outside utilities/soil erosion
  • Life safety systems

The team is continuously engaged in the inspection of assemblies, trade contractor coordination, project support for shut-downs and identification and resolution of project deficiencies.

Existing Building Commissioning (EB Cx):

The IPF EB Cx team conducts comprehensive engineering and operational analysis on the performance of existing building systems, including HVAC, lighting and envelope. This systematic process strives to improve building performance, reduce energy consumption, improve indoor air quality and better understand and meet occupant needs. The team is engaged in three distinct forms of EB Cx:

  1. Retro-commissioning (R-Cx)
  2. Re-commissioning (Re-Cx)
  3. Ongoing commissioning (O-Cx)


Building Performance Services Services
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