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Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services is composed of a crew of highly skilled, skill trades employees to operate and maintain MSU's academic buildings, utility distribution system and perform related services. The Maintenance Services staff maintain departmental facilities and projects through a wide variety of skills and materials, including: metal work, electrical, electronics, plumbing, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, carpentry, roofing, masonry, locksmith, painting and glazing.

Maintenance Services is divided into three sections, Electrical Services, Mechanical Services and Structural Services.

Electrical Services

From the time that electricity leaves the T.B. Simon Power Plant until it reaches its point of use destination, Electrical Services is responsible for the power supplied to campus and the associated infrastructure. This includes power supplied to plug outlets, interior and exterior lighting and motor controls.

Additionally, Electrical Services is dedicated to project work and managing major repairs and service requests from campus faculty and staff, power installment or relocation for new department equipment, elevator maintenance, trouble truck operation seven days per week and a safety and security team that maintains the locks and keys, access control and fire alarms.

Electrical Services is composed of a variety of skilled trade experts, including:

Contact: John Nurenberg, maintenance services assistant manager, electrical, (517) 353-1760,

Mechanical Services

Mechanical Services provides a safe, healthy, comfortable and useful environment in which teaching, learning and research can advance knowledge and transform lives. The Maintenance Services experts are responsible for maintenance, operations and improvements to the mechanical systems on campus that allow buildings to have water, ventilation, heating and cooling. Additionally, Mechanical Services provides support to repair or install equipment and metal finishes. 

Mechanical Services is composed of a variety of skilled trade experts, including:

Contact: Stacy Nurenberg, maintenance services assistant manager, mechanical, (517) 432-0531,

Structural Services

Structural Services creates a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment for visitors, students and faculty by maintaining the structural features of MSU campus buildings. This includes: building aesthetic features, Alterations and Improvements, windows, roofing and more.

Structural Services is composed of a variety of skilled trade experts, including:

Contact: Mark Lutkenhoff, maintenance services assistant manager, structural, (517) 432-0537,

Contact Maintenance Services

Infrastructure Planning and Facilities Building
1147 Chestnut Road Room 132
East Lansing, MI 48824

Phone: (517) 353-1760

Office hours
Monday to Friday: 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

For more information refer to the service guide.