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“ContactMSU is a great resource for us on campus. Thanks for all you do.” - Spencer Perales, Power Plant Mechanic

An alumna, returning to campus as a keynote speaker for a seminar shared: “you don’t know how many times this number helped me throughout my entire life. Calling you and coming back to campus is like coming back to my hometown.”

Heather Atkinson

A young lady wanted to thank Heather for helping her through a difficult time. She didn’t go into detail but she was very grateful and wanted to express her thanks. Sometimes we may not realize the impact we have on a person’s day, let this be a reminder! Great job Heather 

“Thank you for dedication to campus sustainability! We are always thrilled to see Spartans lead a culture of sustainability in their departments and across campus.” - Ann Erhardt, Director of Sustainability

Cindy Taphouse

A mother called today because she was very concerned about her daughter’s well –being. She had spoken with Cindy and called back to let us know how thankful she was that Cindy had someone at the dorm check on her. Her daughter was not doing well and is now headed to the ER with suspected appendicitis. She said she is very thankful and feels relieved knowing she can count on us for help when she is unable to be here due to living out of state.

“I would like to tell you how nice it is to work with Cindy. She understands our lingo. She is also always helpful and fast at solving our problems. Keep up the good work.” - Michael Ouderkirk. Skilled Trades Supervisor/Metal Services

Renata Thompson

A current retiree who worked at MSU for 32 years. She comes from a Spartan family as her husband was a professor and her 2 sons graduated from MSU, one going on to Med School here. She said that she always calls if someone is really good, and Renata was fantastic! Mrs. Swinghammer had a question and she was not exactly sure where to get the answer. Renata was so helpful in providing a couple of options including the number Mrs. Swinghammer needed. She wanted especially to say how much she loves MSU and she is so glad when she talks to people who do a great job.