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Standards for construction

The Michigan State University standards for construction have been compiled for design professionals involved in creating construction documents. They reflect the planning, construction and maintenance experience of persons responsible for the university facilities.

These standards for design and construction of facilities and infrastructure at MSU are intended to achieve quality structures and systems of maximum utility, thereby requiring minimal maintenance, operating expense and prudent use of energy.

Adherence to these standards is required. Deviations must be reviewed, approved and accepted by the university’s design representative. An equal or improved concept, method or product will be given full consideration.

Sections of the standards for construction will be revised and updated based on experience with ongoing construction projects. Each revised section supersedes all previous versions and directives concerning construction practices for Michigan State University.

Design guidelines

Design guidelines are intended for the architect or engineer. They describe the overall philosophies, goals and requirements (ex: energy conservation, accessibility) for Michigan State University.

Front-end documents

These are the business documents governing construction. Front-end documents will be attached to the final specification by MSU, and are included here for reference only.

Technical standards

These standards give lengthy, detailed descriptions of construction requirements. They are identified by CSI number and formatted according to the 2004 CSI Standard.

Standard details

These diagrams illustrate the required methods and materials for various systems. These documents are categorized according to the 2004 CSI standard. In some instances, a detail may be applicable to more than one subdivision of the technical standards. If so, it will be listed under multiple subdivisions. When downloaded, each detail has one unique filename regardless of the referenced subdivision.

Electronic submittal standards

Electronic documents submitted as part of a project must follow these standards to be accepted.