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August 9, 2012 Meeting

Thursday, August 9 | 8:30 a.m. | 1415 Biomedical and Physical Sciences

Construction Junctions are the Physical Plant’s* monthly public meetings designed to update/inform the public of various projects currently in design, nearing construction and under construction.

Steam Distribution – West Circle Steam Loop Segment 2 (2013)

  • This is a four-segment project and is currently on segment two.
  • The project is to repair the cracked arch tunnels.
  • This project will contain two traffic lanes and a bike lane.
  • A new reconfigured Kalamazoo Street and West Circle Drive intersection create a southbound left turn onto West Circle. This is to accommodate the highest traffic volume.
  • A reduction in parking spots from 59 to 46 will occur on West Circle Drive in front of I.M. Sports and the Music Building. This area will contain six barrier-free spots.
  • The trees will be protected but some tree removal may occur due to deterioration. Currently working with the arborist on campus to evaluate their condition.

Q:  Will there be access to the MSU Library during construction?
A:  Yes, there will be two directional traffic flows from the MSU Library to the MSU Museum.
Q:  Will there be separate meetings scheduled?
A:  Yes, they are being scheduled now.

Steam Repairs – Near Brody Neighborhood over Labor Day weekend

  • This project will repair vault 121 and vault 60 that supply the utility distribution system to the Brody Neighborhood and the Kellogg Center.
  • The utility distribution system is more than 50 years old and it currently has a failing structural steam anchor.
  • Repairing these two vaults at this time will prepare for the future expansion on vault 121.
  • There is currently a lane closure along Harrison Avenue in front of the Kellogg Center and Brody Hall, and it will reopen by Aug. 31.
  • Shutdown impacts:
    • Duration: 1 p.m., Sept. 2, to 5 a.m., Sept. 3
    • Brody Neighborhood:
      • no hot water,
      • only basic cooking operations.
    • Kellogg Center:
      • no hot water,
      • no cooling system.

Brody Neighborhood – Utility Improvements Phase V

  • The Brody Neighborhood is located in the southwest corner of Michigan Avenue and Harrison Road.
  • The direct-buried steam and condensate return lines were installed in 1957 and have been repaired several times.
  • This project involves replacing the direct-buried steam and condensate return line from Brody Hall to Bailey Hall and Emmons Hall.
  • The project will be a phase approach for less impact.
  • This is Phase V and some construction will occur during spring break of 2013 when there are fewer students on campus.

Jenison Fieldhouse – Parking Lot (No. 67) Reconstruction

  • The parking lot for the Jenison Fieldhouse was built in 1940.
  • Since its construction, it has not been modified except for a few repairs that were made to the road.
  • The modification will allow for a new entrance to the parking lot farther down Kalamazoo Street than its current entrance as well as an easier flow pattern.
  • It will hold 272 parking spaces along with a barrier-free parking area.
  • The drainage that runs off the parking lot will be diverted into the new storm water system. This will replace the existing storm sewer.
  • Project will begin on May 5, 2012, with a completion date around Aug. 1, 2013.

Spartan Stadium – New Scoreboards and Sound System

  • There are 22 days until kick-off, and the new scoreboards will be ready.
  • The green panel on the south scoreboard will be completed today.
  • The top and bottom pewter panel of the south scoreboard to be completed by the end of next week.
  • The north side is almost complete, with the fascia board to be completed by the end of next week. This fascia board supplies high-definition video and it is one-of-a-kind in the U.S.
  • Be aware that ongoing video and sound testing will occur until the game time. 

Kellogg Center – Meeting Room Renovations

  • The Kellogg Center Big Ten rooms work was an Internal Construction Management team project that consisted of five members to make the construction process faster.
  • This project had to be done in 46 days before an event was to be held in the rooms.
  • The rooms had not been renovated since the late 1980s.
  • The new look has extreme LED lighting that contains different themes which can flash and change colors.
  • The trellis system in the ceiling is a micro-light foam base that is less than 1/8” thick metal, which is lighter than wood.
  • There are new projectors and screens that will roll up into the ceiling when not needed.
  • There are new serving centers along the walls.
  • This project has been completed.

Steam Distribution – West Circle Steam Loop Segment 1 (2012)

  • This project segment should be finished by next weekend.
  • Since utility work was already being done around the Music Building, water lines were also fixed which was not figured into the project.
  • Along West Circle Drive, the curbs are in and the sub-base for the pavement has been completed.
  • On East Circle Drive, light pole bases are being put in.
  • New pavement has been put in the Olin Health Center parking lot.
  • Snow melt system has been installed on the steps at Berkey Hall.
  • Final asphalt should be laid by next Thursday or Friday.
    • Temporary crosswalks will be closed briefly.
    • Flag controllers will be present to minimize interruptions.
  • Road are scheduled to open Aug. 17.

Steam Distribution and Road Reconstruction – Chestnut Road near I.M. West Building

  • Currently on phase three.
  • There will be final pavement put on next week.
  • This is project is a special alternative green pavement that is going to be tested by a professor on campus.
    • The pavement is mixed with crumb rubber.
  • The Munn Ice Arena loading dock will be closed next week due to asphalt.
  • Chestnut Road is projected to reopen before Aug. 20.

MSU Union – Renovations to First-Floor Lobby

  • A new handicap ramp will be installed for accessibility in the main lounge area.
  • Fencing is up during the project for a pass-through.
  • The coffee shop will be a franchise; however, negotiations have yet to be signed.
  • The C-Store will be larger.
  • The lounge area will have new lights and flooring installed.

Q:  When will the project be completed?
A:  The project end date has been pushed back to Oct. 23 due to some unforeseen issues.

Hannah Administration Building – North Entrance Renovation

  • Project was needed due to water leaking under the vestibule for the past 20 years and repairs could not fix the problem.
  • All of the main entrance steps were removed and rebuilt with a membrane system to prevent water leakage.
  • A new handicap-accessible ramp was built with a snow melt system.
  • From the building to the circle drive, the entire approach was replaced with a snow melt system under the cement.
  • More bicycle loops were added.
  • Project should be completed by next Wednesday.

*Prior to the creation of Infrastructure Planning and Facilities in January 2013, several IPF departments were a part of the now-dissolved MSU Physical Plant. Some historical articles on this website reference that former unit.

Meeting presentation

August 9, 2012 (PDF)