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August 8, 2013

Thursday, August 8 | 8:30 a.m. | 147 Communication Arts and Sciences

Construction Junctions are Infrastructure Planning and Facilities’ monthly public meetings designed to update/inform the public of various projects currently in design, nearing construction and under construction.

North Campus Infrastructure Improvements – West Circle Drive (2014)

  • The north campus arch-style steam tunnels are 87 to 102 years old and have significantly deteriorated.
  • The structural anchors, pipe supports, and steam equipment within these tunnels are also severely deteriorated and require replacement or repair for safe and reliable operation of the steam distribution system.
  • The project includes road reconstruction (pedestrian, bicyclist, and vehicular safety improvements), communication, water, and electrical distribution improvements to the north campus region.
  • This is the third segment of a four-segment project.
  • Construction schedule: November 2013 through mid-August 2014
  • Site construction schedule: May 2014 through mid-August 2014

Q: What roads will be open before school begins?
All will be open. During next year's work, Olin Health Center should be relatively un-impacted.

Transportation Services – New Fuel Station

Project scope includes:

  • This station will be for fueling university vehicles only.
  • Decommissioning the existing fueling station and underground fuel tanks on east side of stadium.
  • Creating new fueling station on Service Road, including gas pumps, an overhead canopy paved, circulation space for large and small service vehicles (including buses), and a new car wash to replace the existing facility.

Q: When is the opening date?
A: We hope to be pumping gas by mid-August.

Q: Will there still be an area for vehicle pick and drop off at the Stadium?
Yes, vehicle pick-up and drop-off will remain at the Stadium location. Only fueling and car-wash functions move to Service Road.

Q: When’s the last day you can fuel at the current station?
Will meet with representatives to find out the actual dates that the current fuel station.

Duffy Daugherty Football Practice Field – Filming Tower

  • Project is complete and video team is presently utilizing.
  • Structure can take up to 150 miles per hour of wind.
  • Tower will address many safety concerns.
  • Tower came in seven pieces and took around six hours to assemble.

Q: Who erected the tower?
: A company out of Ohio.

Breslin Center – Berkowitz Basketball Complex Alterations

  • Substantially completed Aug. 1.
  • Programming/commissioning of micro tile wall substantially complete Aug. 1.
  • Main attractions are the micro tile (giant television screen – biggest one in the Midwest) and the new suspended trophy rack.
  • Top level of the trophy rack will hold National championships. Second tier will hold final four trophies.

Anthony Hall – Energy Conservation Measures

  • Michigan State University’s showcase project in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Challenge program.
  • To implement energy conservation measures, improve the facility and address maintenance and repair items.
  • Goal is to reduce energy by 20 percent by 2020. MSU is one of the first universities to implement this program.
  • Project will be completed by the end of November.

Q: Is there a list of buildings that will participate in this challenge?
Not yet. Anthony is the first building on campus that is part of this program.

Q: Anthony Hall has a lot of windows in it; will those be changed at all?
A: No, the windows will stay the same.

West Circle Steam Loop Segment 2 (2013)


  • Beal Street will be paved next week. Sidewalks will be opened next Friday or Saturday.
  • Starting on Friday, Aug. 16, the temporary two-way traffic will be removed on West Circle Drive between East Circle Drive and Parking Lot 11 will be removed, one-way traffic will be restored.

Bogue Street and Shaw Lane Intersection – Reconstruction and Steam System Repairs


  • The Shaw Lane and Bogue Intersection are completely closed to traffic and pedestrians, and will not be opened until Aug. 16.
  • Project is near being completed. Now that the underground work has been completed, asphalt is being laid.

Q: Is there a bike lane?
A: Yes there is a bike lane.

Q: Will the sidewalks re-open at the same time?
Yes, the sidewalks will open at the same time as roads, on Aug. 16.

Parking – Lot 67 (Jenison) – Reconstruction

  • Project was substantially completed last Friday.
  • Some punch-list items are being completed that are minor. They will be completed in a few weeks.
  • Made an extension of the greenway path.

Q: When the public goes to the ticket office, do they have any access?
A: The public can still park in metered public spots on the Jenison loop.

Butterfield Hall – Renovation

  • In construction since May.
  • Project currently 85 percent complete with demolition.
  • Roof and site work ongoing.
  • The loop in Brody complex will be open to one-way traffic for students moving in Aug. 21 to Aug. 26.
  • Project is on schedule.

MSU Union – North Neighborhood Engagement Center and Multicultural Center

  • Currently on schedule.
  • Project will be substantially complete at the end of the month
  • Currently finished with carpentry along with painting, and flooring

Spartan Stadium – North End Zone Addition

  • 55,000-square-foot addition to Spartan Stadium
  • New away and home locker room, coaches’ offices, and multimedia rooms
  • Working on under pinning of existing stadium footings
  • Will go on during football season, detours will be in place.
  • Access to the tunnel will be restricted to public. Public will have an alternate entryway.

Harrison Road crosswalk between Kellogg Center and Brody Complex

  • On Monday, Aug. 12, construction to upgrade Harrison Road crosswalk between Kellogg Center and Brody Complex will begin
  • Project will require temporary crosswalk with a pedestrian detour and lane closures on both sides of Harrison Road.
  • Scheduled to be completed Friday, Aug. 16.

Landon Hall – Dining Renovation, Building Life Safety and Accessibility

  • Construction began June 2013
  • Will be substantially completed July 2014
  • The entire hall will be vacant during renovation
  • Loading dock access will be maintained to Campbell hall throughout the entire project
  • Historic preservation project (the fireplace in the dining hall will be preserved)

Q: What is the fireplace used for?
A: It will be used for mechanical and ventilation purposes.



Meeting presentation

August 8, 2013 (PDF)