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December 13, 2012 Meeting

Thursday, December 13 | 8:30 a.m. | 112 Brody Hall

Construction Junctions are the Physical Plant’s* monthly public meetings designed to update/inform the public of various projects currently in design, nearing construction and under construction.

MSU Union: North Neighborhood Engagement Center and Multicultural Center

  • The North Campus Neighborhood Engagement Center is temporarily located on the third floor and the Multicultural Center is currently located on the ground floor of the MSU Union.
  • The new placement of the Multicultural Center will be in a more visible and accessible location, with expanded capacity and features, and will also serve as a beacon to share and celebrate the values of diversity and inclusion of the campus community and beyond.
  • Space on the second floor of the MSU Union is anticipated to house the core functions of the Engagement Center and the Multicultural Center creating a vibrant space for students to gather for cultural, social, and academic activities.
  • The anticipated design will include office space, semi-private and private group meeting and study space; integration of art and culture into the design; and multi-purpose space for such program activities as dance practice and cultural presentations.
  • Space on the ground floor (lower level) would be redeveloped for meeting rooms, study and programming space, in part to replace functions currently located on the second floor.
  • Meeting rooms on the second floor will be moving to classrooms on third and temporary engagement center will be moving to the ground floor.
  • It is planned to use a lot of glass to incorporate a lot of natural sunlight, especially on the second floor.
  • Construction is to take place between March and September.

Music Building Electrical Substation

  • The electrical system needs to be upgraded.
  • The upgrade will provide a double-ended electrical service to this building.
  • The new double-ended sub-station will be fed by two circuits. If there is a circuit failure, the other circuit can provide service to the facility without a power outage.
  • Construction will mainly take place between Music Building and Music Practice Building.
  • Starting over winter break and will be complete in March 2013.
  • Pedestrian access will be maintained around the buildings as well as barrier free access.
  • Construction will be loud, but most of the noise will be eliminated before break is over.
  • Sheet piling will be done over break, to avoid disturbing occupants in the building and residents in the area.
  • Temporary drive has been created for concrete trucks and deliveries.
  • Trees will be tied back by Landscape Services to not be harmed.

Q: Who is the construction manager for this project?
A: Granger.

Auditorium – Alterations to Fairchild Theatre

  • The College of Music has had a longstanding need for an additional and acoustically appropriate venue to accommodate its numerous rehearsals, performances, classes and musical productions.
  • The 560-seat Fairchild Theatre, located within the Auditorium at the intersection of Farm Lane and Auditorium Road, provides an adequately sized facility, but has limited effectiveness as a music venue due to the lack of an orchestra pit and proper acoustics.
  • The ceiling of the auditorium has recently been removed; it will not be added back as it adds volume to the space.

Shaw Hall – New Dining Center

  • Substantial completion has been reached for this project.
  • Jan. 7 is the grand opening.
  • There are three venues that combined have the ability to serve 575 people.
  • Bread Box venue will be open all day, every day.
  • Seating has arrived and is has been installed along with tables.
  • Raised platform lounge space will be between the three venues.
  • Temporary server in Shaw Hall basement will be closed when the new dining hall opens.

*Prior to the creation of Infrastructure Planning and Facilities in January 2013, several IPF departments were a part of the now-dissolved MSU Physical Plant. Some historical articles on this website reference that former unit.

Meeting presentation

December 13, 2012 (PDF)