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February 14, 2013 Meeting

Thursday, February 14 | 8:30 a.m. | 112 Brody Hall

Construction Junctions are Infrastructure Planning and Facilities' monthly public meetings designed to update/inform the public of various projects currently in design, nearing construction and under construction.

All University Traffic and Transportation Committee 2012-13 draft recommendations

  • The All University Traffic and Transportation Committee is comprised of approximately 30 individuals from across campus, and serves in an advisory capacity.
  • The newly created AUTTC communications manager position has been approved, but remains unfilled at this time.
  • The committee has been reviewing a multitude of different municipal and university safety initiatives to see what types of processes/communications that MSU may wish to adopt.
  • Possible safety communications media may include residence-hall floor boards, CATA bus shelters as well as bus interior advertising space.
  • Future efforts to include: street/path lighting safety, pedestrian apparel color safety and adding path/trail signage as necessary.
  • AUTTC would like to coordinate current moped/bicycle parking services that are split between Physical Plant and Residential and Hospitality Services under one service area.
  • As the committee’s recommendations have become second nature to many of those being advised, its roll may be refocused more towards safety, including a name change to All University Safety and Transportation Committee.

Michigan Department of Transportation – 2013 Capital Investment
(Grand River Avenue and Michigan Avenue work begins in March)

  • This 6.1 million-dollar project will include 4.19 miles of improvements over the corridor.
  • Spartan Asphalt has been assigned as contractor. There are $250,000 incentives being offered for early/timely completion.
  • Stage One – Grand River Avenue/Michigan Avenue/Beal Street area. Included are: modifications to median turnarounds, sidewalk improvements, ADA upgrades, and realignment of Beal Street intersection. Anticipated travel delay of 2 minutes-or-less anticipated.
  • Stage Two – Grand River Avenue (from Michigan Ave to Bogue Ave). May 6 through early August. Included are: signal upgrades, asphalt mill and resurfacing. Traffic will be crossed-over during resurfacing. Anticipated travel delay of 15 minutes.
  • Stage Three – Grand River Avenue (from Bogue to Hagadorn). March to mid-August. Included are: adding non-motorized path to each side of road, driveway work, ADA upgrades. One lane each direction traffic to be maintained. Anticipated travel delay of 9 minutes.
  • Stage Four – Grand River Avenue (from Hagadorn to Park Lake). September to October. ADA upgrades included. One lane each direction traffic to be maintained. Anticipated travel delay of 9 minutes.

Q: Will there be posted traffic detour signs?
A:  There will be one planned detour during Stage 2, and pedestrian detours will also be posted. There is a website for all projects that will include detour information.

Steam Distribution and Road Reconstruction – West Circle Steam Loop 2013 (Phase 2 of 4)

  • Started early work on substation at IM circle. Pedestrian detours are posted.
  • Some parking spaces are being taken up by lay down areas, but crews are trying to keep at a minimum.
  • Will be moving across road mid-March to build vaults on opposite side.

Music Building Electrical Substation

  • Removing/relocating certain utilities in exiting steam tunnel prior to its removal.
  • Current work involves pouring concrete walls.

Auditorium – Renovations to Fairchild Theatre

  • All seating has been removed. Hole is being cut in floor for orchestra pit lift. Updated fire suppression and alarm systems will be installed.
  • Interior excavation work is nearing completion.
  • Existing plaster dome ceiling will be removed, and new area will be open to roof.
  • Adding elevator to northeast corner of building.

Q: Is there any salvaging of materials so they may be reused?
A:  All wood paneling and wainscoting has been salvaged, along with original lighting fixtures.

Snow and ice report
All are reminded to call (517) 353-1760 to report any snow or ice issues. Buckets of ice compound have been strategically placed around buildings for all to utilize.

Meeting presentation

February 14, 2013 (PDF)