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February 13, 2014

Thursday, February 13 | 8:30 a.m. | 1279 Anthony Hall

Construction Junctions are Infrastructure Planning and Facilities’ monthly public meeting designed to update/inform the public of various projects currently in design, nearing construction and under construction.

Campus Snow Plan

  • Snow Plow Video: Meet one of our snow-removal experts: Matt Bailey
  • Social media posts throughout storm/snow days:
  • Ongoing work:
  • Clearing sidewalks, parking lots and roadways to get down to bare pavement
  • Hauling snow piles from intersections and parking lots
  • Keeping an eye on potential flooding risks with warm-up this weekend
  • Your continued support is needed and appreciated:
  • Exercise extreme caution: Walk/ride/drive slowly and carefully
  • Thank you for your patience: storms = cleanup work
  • Do not dart out in front of or behind snow-removal equipment. It is large, loud and difficult to stop quickly.
  • Make eye contact with a snow-removal equipment operator before crossing in front of him/her.
  • Do not park so close to the sidewalk that your car’s bumper hangs over it.
  • Avoid parking in the part of a lot that has not yet been cleared.
  • Park where it’s plowed or wait a few minutes for the driver to finish and then park freely in the cleared lot.
  • Parking is prohibited in residence hall loops between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.
  • Regarding bike lanes on campus: MSU clears the roads first and clears the bike lanes on subsequent pass.
  • Dial 353-1760 to request services or report icy spots on campus.

All University Traffic and Transportation Committee

  • Purpose: advises on matters pertaining to motorized and non-motorized transportation on the MSU campus
  • Now reports to the Police Chief Dunlap / Director of Department of Police and Public Safety
  • 2012 -13 recommendations included:
  • Institute the communication manager position and provide an annual budget for communicating information specifically on transportation (motorized and non-motorized) and pedestrian news and safety matters (not possible due to lack of funding)
  • Negotiate the placement of digital signage inside the MSU/CATA Transportation Center to communicate to the MSU Community (not possible to to CATA policies and federal regulations)
  • Accelerate the change of campus street lighting to brighter lighting and prioritize the change schedule to primary traffic crosswalks first (underway)
  • Be more proactive and consistent in campus bicycle and moped parking planning, and assign function to IPF (unlikely)
  • Review current bike and pedestrian way finding signs located on campus off road paths and increase as necessary (underway CPA)
  • 2013-14 directives:
  • Make recommendations on accessibility issues that pertain to traffic and transportation
  • Made recommendations on how to successfully continue the blend of all modes of transportation on campus
  • Review current rules/regs and develop new rules/regs with regard to scooter, moped, skateboard riding/parking and carpooling/mass transit encouragement
  • Make recommendations on what should be the marketing message on traffic and transportation
  • New website coming soon!

Parking Lot 97 – (Engineering Research) Expansion

  • Project will:
  • Provide additional parking capacity near the new Bio Engineering Facility.
  • Add approximately 260 parking spaces to the existing 201.
  • Reconstruct lot to meet current standards for safety, accessibility, storm water management, lighting efficiency and pavement.
  • Existing and new parking lot lighting will be LED.
  • Demolished concrete curb and walk material will be recycled as pavement base.
  • The existing pavement is in need of replacement whether the lot is expanded or not.
  • Entire lot, excluding perimeter drive, will be pervious pavement. Aggregate allows for water to escape more easily, and filter to groundwater more slowly. Also aids with snow melt. Requires more cautious maintenance
  • Lot 97 will be closed during the construction period, except for access by Environmental Health and Safety vehicles. Alternative parking may be available in Lot 92 (across Service Road, next to the Chilled Water Plant)

Q: Contract award is scheduled for June. Will construction also start then?

A: We’re aiming for late June / early July.

Q: Is there a more convenient walk from alternate Lot 92?

A: There is parking available in Lot 101, but there is no barrier-free access currently

Q: Has there been any consideration to the future parking demand once the Bio Engineering building is complete?

A: We’re limited as to what we can do (site limitations), but there is additional parking in adjacent lots

Q: Will Bio Engineering site get its own bike parking area?

A: Yes

Q: Will there any plan for motorized bike parking?

A: No, but we can look again at plan, and upgrading existing spots.

Q: Mopeds are currently parking in areas not designed for parking, will this be addressed?

A: It’s good to know there are issues. We’ll look again at design to see if this can be addressed.

Q: Lot 92 has very limited capacity now. How will it handle the extra load?

A: Parking will also be available in Lot 101, which should be more vacant during summer.

Q: CATA doesn’t serve area now that route 22 access has been discontinued.

A: CATA route 31 re-routing is being investigated.

Q: Door on north side of A-wing has barrier-free access, but no sidewalk.

A: We may be able to put up a temporary walkway there.

Facility for Rare Isotope Beams – Building Structure

  • Wilson Road (adjacent to site) will have traffic rerouted to provide temporary pedestrian route and construction vehicle access, while maintaining two-way traffic

Q: When?

A: More detailed timeline will be coming once ground has been broken.

Q: How wide is new pedestrian way?

A: 8-10 feet wide.

Q: What route will trucks be using to haul soil? Where will soil go?

A: Some will travel Farm Lane to deposit soil by new credit union building. Most will travel Wilson-Service-Trowbridge and deposit in the Charlotte area

Q: Has any consideration been given to the amount of dust created by this project?

A: A vigorous road sweeping and watering program is planned to limit airborne particles generated

Q: How will railroad crossing at Bogue be managed?

A: We are in communication with the railroad, but we have no control.

Q: Could a temporary traffic light be installed at Bogue/Service?

A: There will be approximately 30-35 trucks per day. If we keep road right-turn-only, traffic should be ok.

Veterinary Teaching Hospital – Nursing Care Unit Renovation

  • Project will:
  • Modernize Critical Care Unit via flexible floor plan
  • Centralize observation for 24-hour specialized care
  • Mechanical upgrades: ventilation and temperature control
  • Provide natural light; install roof monitors and windows
  • Encompass a 2,800 square foot area
  • Construction will begin: June 2014
  • Substantial completion: September 2014
  • Current Critical Care Unit (CCU) will become the Nursing Care Unit (NCU) space. Current NCU space will become the CCU Unit.

West Circle Housing Complex – Infrastructure Improvements – 2014 (Phase 2 of 2)

  • Second phase of a two-phase project.
  • New steam tunnel, electric service, communication ducts, and water main replacing 50-year-old services.
  • Improved reliability for all utility services.
  • Some early work to begin in March 2014.
  • Visible construction will be complete by August 2014.
  • Some parking loss due to Delta Court (West Circle Housing Complex planned to be vacant for summer 2014).
  • 6-8 new ramps/ADA plates are going in

Q: Keep in mind that there will still be staff working in the buildings during the project.

A: Absolutely. Any disruptions in water/elec service will be announced in advance. Kevin Durkin’s team will coordinate communications

Q: There are two “cowpaths” to the west that need to be addressed, and a new staircase to the west that did not get rails.

A: John asked Tim to send him pics, and he’ll contact MDOT.


North Campus Infrastructure Improvements – West Circle Drive 2014 (Phase 3 of 4)

  • The north campus arch-style steam tunnels are 87 to 102 years old and have significantly deteriorated.
  • The structural anchors, pipe supports and steam equipment within these tunnels are also severely deteriorated and require replacement or repair for safe and reliable operation of the steam-distribution system.
  • The project includes road reconstruction (pedestrian, bicyclist and vehicular safety improvements), communication, water and electrical-distribution improvements to the north campus region.
  • This is the third segment of a four-segment project.
  • Early project construction is scheduled for November 2013 through April 2014.
  • Site construction scheduled May 2014 through mid-August 2014.

Chittenden Hall – Renovation

  • Renovations to support and create a visible location for the Graduate School.
  • Consistent with comprehensive renewal projects completed at Eustace-Cole Hall and Marshall-Adams Hall.
  • Comprehensive renewal while preserving its historical character.
  • Building has been vacant since 1999 to present and is waiting renewal.
  • Over the next couple of weeks, there will be some digging around the hall and some paint/asbestos abatement inside of the building.

Q: Have any archeological finds been made during the outside excavation?

A: No, but a wooden plaque was found in the attic.

Q: Will there be added bike parking?

A: Yes

Q: Who are the masons on the project?

A: Betcher is doing inside work, Schiffer Masons are doing foundation


New-and-improved detour information map is now available which will allow users to customize view based on start/end date and project

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Meeting presentation

February 13, 2014 (pdf)