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January 10, 2013 Meeting

Thursday, January 10 | 8:30 a.m. | 112 Brody Hall

Construction Junctions are the Infrastructure Planning Facilities’ monthly public meetings designed to update/inform the public of various projects currently in design, nearing construction and under construction.

Transportation Services - New Fuel Station

  • The current fuel station resides under the stadium, which is not an ideal location. The new fuel station will be on Service Road.
  • The new location is in close proximity to utilities.
  • The plan is to move the car wash to this new location as well, however the timing may not be the same. The car wash may be slated for a later date.

Q: Will the other fueling station be abandoned?
A: Yes, it is going to be de-commissioned.

Reconstruct Bogue Street and Shaw Lane Road Intersection and Steam Distribution

  • This is the last remaining traffic circle on campus.
  • Video: Begins by showing the existing traffic circle, and then shows the anticipated project outcome: removal of the roundabout in favor of a configuration with traffic lights. This will reduce the accident rate at this particular intersection and dramatically improve pedestrian safety.
  • Bike lanes will be added in all directions.
  • The high pedestrian traffic that flows from the Law College and Owen Graduate Center will pass through the newly designed intersection more efficiently.
  • Much of the work being done is related to the infrastructure as well.
  • Work will being in February, however substantial work resulting in road detours does not begin until after school is out in May.

Q: Is the video available online?
A: The video is available online here.

Brody Neighborhood - Utility Improvements - Phase V

  • This is the fifth phase of Brody steam-distribution improvements.
  • After this project, the infrastructure will be in-line with the other physical improvements around the Brody Neighborhood.
  • Currently, there is only a single steam feed to the neighborhood. After this, there will be a continuous loop (two-way feed). This will improve the overall reliability of the infrastructure.
  • Some initial work will begin in February, with a substantial start in May after classes end.

Steam Distribution - West Circle Steam Loop Segement 2 (2013)

  • This is the second segment of the four-segment project.
  • Sheet-piling activity was done over the holiday break.
  • The northbound intersection on Kalamazoo Street has been reconfigured; drivers should note that there is now a stop sign.
  • The sidewalk from Kalamazoo Street to IM Circle is accessible at this time, and so is the barrier-free parking.
  • One lane of traffic will be open at all times through the spring semester.

Music Building - Replace Electrical Substation

  • Due to the work being done in a relatively small area, pedestrians are asked to be mindful of the north access and to watch out for equipment and trucks.
  • Sheet piling work is complete.
  • Current work includes excavation and utility installation.

Meeting presentation

January 10, 2013 (PDF)