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July 12, 2012 Meeting

Thursday, July 12 | 8:30 a.m. | 1415 Biomedical and Physical Sciences

Construction Junctions are the Physical Plant’s* monthly public meetings designed to update/inform the public of various projects currently in design, nearing construction and under construction.

Plant Biology – North Wing Lab Exhaust System Replacement

  • Plant Biology Laboratories is located on Wilson Road by Bogue Street.
  • The project is to eliminate the exhaust from the laboratories coming back into the building.
  • The fans need to be replaced because they are 45 to 50 years old.
  • The actual building locations that are having fans replaced are the West, East and Teaching (Botany) Wings.
  • There is separate funding to install temporary fans until the new ones are put into place.
  • The new fans will be high plume and high velocity.
    • They will be able to dilute the discharge into the outside air.
  • The Teaching Wing will have low-profile duct work.
  • The departments in those wings are working together to share lab space during construction.
  • Periodic re-routes will happen at loading dock and receiving area.
    • This will happen only during crane operations.
    • Currently working with MSU Police to get equipment in as it is extensively large.
    • This will happen during late January to early February.
  • This project is planned to be completed around May 2013.

Facility for Rare Isotope Beams Highbay

  • FRIB is being built adjacent to the Cyclotron Building on South Shaw Lane.
  • FRIB is being built to enable scientists to make discoveries:
    • properties of nucleonic matter,
    • nuclear processes in the universe,
    • tests of fundamental symmetries,
    • societal applications and benefits.
  • The benefits of building are:
    • workforce,
    • homeland security and defense,
    • medical applications.
    • energy.
  • The building will go through five phases of construction.
    • Phases one to three are already finished.
  • There will be 155 new hires along with a dozen positions currently open.
  • This will attract top scientists.
  • FRIB project was won in a competition.
  • The site plan was redesigned to optimize the building layout to reduce site impact.
  • The reason for the new addition is because the Cyclotron is nearing its life cycle.
  • The new accelerator will be 100 to 200 times better.
  • The Highbay addition:
    • It will be 19,000 square feet.
    • It will house the superconducting radio frequency facility.
    • It will provide a more consolidated base of operations.
    • It will be a world-class facility in certain technologies – a center of excellence.
  • This has a tight deadline and it is slated to be completed by July 2013.

Q:  Due to shifting the FRIB building on to the street, this will change aesthetics that Wharton Center currently has. It will make it more industrial looking. Currently on Bogue Street, there are eight oak trees oak that are about 100 feet tall. Many people will be upset if these trees were to be removed. It seems that this is causing problems that could potentially be easily avoided.
A:  The driver behind this shift is the master plan. The master plan is to accommodate the future. This just was not randomly chosen, and it is still in planning phase with no solutions as of yet. This will be rationally thought out; however, it will not please everyone.

Q:  FRIB is important. Is there no way to change the footprint of the Highbay building so the trees can be used a screen between this building and the Wharton Center?
A:  This is an idea that we have looked at it. Ideally, this building should be out 20 more feet but it would cost another $4 million to relocate the utilities.

Q:  Twenty more feet is underestimated due to the emotional attachment that people have with these trees. An example is DeWitt Schools making world news by taking out trees. This is something to pay attention to and a heads-up that people can get charged up about it.
A:  We are very aware of the impact that trees can have. We are working with our campus arborists.

Q:  If you stuck with original plan, how would this affect the trees?
A:  The original competition plan would still have gone through the trees. This has been a University commitment since 2008.

Anthony Hall – Energy Conservation Measures for Better Buildings Challenge

  • Anthony Hall is located along Shaw Lane.
  • This project is a pilot for MSU.
  • It has been chosen to be the “Showcase Building” under the Better Buildings Challenge initiative created by the U.S. Department of Energy.
  • Scope of the work includes:
    • 75 percent of energy conservation measures,
    • 25 percent of facility improvement measures and maintenance and repair improvements.
  • Estimated payback is within 10 years.
  • Project is to improve the laboratory ventilation control system. It will:
    • reduce airflow and improve the air quality inside the laboratory,
    • maintain the negative pressure,
    • change the fan operation speed,
    • provide energy recovery run-around loops,
    • convert temperature control system to direct digital control systems,
    • upgrade the general exhaust ventilation,
    • improve the hot water heating systems,
    • and upgrade to chilled water system.
  • This will cause temporary HVAC interruptions in the building.
  • Project in the common area is scheduled to be completed between May 6, 2013, and Sept. 6, 2013, in order to minimize disruption.

Q:  How will this affect the meat laboratory?
A:  We are looking to reduce energy for that area. There is not a lot of detail on that as of yet.

Q:  Is this a geothermal recovery system?
A:  Glycol will run through the system. There will be no contamination to the system and no air to transfer to other side.

Q:  Will there be Glycol for the air conditioning?
A:  I don’t think so. The center system will capture the energy.

Q:  Will the Dairy Store continue to stay open?
A:  The project should not impact Dairy Store hours.

Music Building – Replace Electrical Substation

  • Music Building is located on West Circle Drive across from I.M. Sports Circle.
  • The electrical system is still on the 4160 Volt distribution system which needs to be upgraded.  By 2014, all campus buildings will be on the 13.2 KV distribution system.
  • The upgrade will provide a double-ended electrical service to this building.
  • This double-ended sub-station will be fed by two circuits. If there is a circuit failure, the other circuit can provide service to the facility without a power outage.
  • The new vault will be placed in an underground vault within the courtyard area of the two buildings.
  • There will be space and provisions for an emergency generator in the new vault that can be added in the future.
  • All work will be performed underground and will take about three months to be put in place. The project will start over Christmas break in 2012. The sheet pile driving required to construct the new vault will take place between the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.
  • Completion planned for March 2013.

Q:  With other substations there are noticeable interruptions, will this be the same way?
A:  At the time a circuit goes out, there will be some noticeable disruption for a short duration. If it is a single circuit problem, the other circuit will provide full power to the building.

Butterfield Hall – Major Renovation

  • Butterfield Hall is located on the corner of Grand River Avenue and Harrison Road.
  • This is an additional renovation along with Brody Hall project.
  • There will be green space between Butterfield and Brody Halls.
  • There will be more study spaces as this was a request from the students.
  • They reconfigured the student restrooms.
  • The second level there will have a horseshoe opening in the floor where a lounge area will be located.
  • There will be four extra study places on each floor.
  • Residential and Hospitality Services wanted a minimum of 419 bed counts. We were able to up the number to 431.
  • The main entrance will be unique than any other residence hall on campus:
    • There will be no reception desk.
    • It will be open and have a welcoming feel.
    • Mailboxes will be placed off to side with an adjoining recycling center and vending area.
    • Conference rooms will be added.
  • Each floor will have kitchenettes with at least a sink and garbage disposal.
  • There will only be one apartment for resident advisor.
    • The apartment will be unique because it will have a direct outside entrance that will have card access.
  • The building will have green roofs installed on both the south and north sides.
  • Each floor will have conference room spaces for meetings and studying.
  • The third floor will have more lounge space and the laundry area will be revamped.
  • There will be fitness and gaming areas on the fourth floor.

Michigan State Police Post Demolition

  • The Michigan State Police Post demolition is on Harrison Road across from the Breslin Center.
  • Currently all buildings are down at this time except for the ones that were remaining.
  • Currently they are taking out the underground utilities.
  • The goal is to recycle 75 percent of the demolition materials.
  • They have repaved the helicopter pad for use by MSU Police.
  • Bricks from the buildings were available to the Michigan State Police participants and for sale through MSU Surplus.
  • Some of the bricks are being reused on the Music Building Auditorium project.

Q:  Is the recycling paying for itself?
A:  Recycling has significantly reduced the cost of the project by both reusing materials on-site as well as money received from the precious materials, concrete and other materials.

Music Building – Renovations to Room 128 Auditorium

  • Music Building is located on West Circle Drive across from I.M. Sports.
  • There will be acoustical improvements, seating replacement, theatrical systems improvements and mechanical system upgrades.
  • Air conditioning in the auditorium and platform.
  • Accessibility improvements and fire alarm replacement.
  • It will be named Cook Recital Hall.

Q:  Will there be any space under the balcony?
A:  Yes, it will be mechanical space.

Steam Distribution – West Circle Steam Loop – 2012 

  • Sidewalks are currently being poured and West Circle leveling course of asphalt is done west of Abbot Road.
  • Mechanical work taking place on east end of project.
  • Safety is looking good at this point.

Q:  Is it on schedule?
A:  Yes, it is on schedule. The Abbot Road to Beal Street entrance will be open on July 14.

Q:  Will it be open to both ways of traffic?
A:  No, only one way.

Steam and Road Reconstruction – Chestnut Road and Steam Tunnel to I.M. West Building

  • Currently on phase 3.
  • Bike loops are being installed at I.M. West.
  • Mechanical work taking place in new steam tunnels/steam vaults.

Spartan Stadium – Replace Existing Scoreboards and Install Sound System

  • The green panel to show up next week to be installed.
  • We are currently being vague on the size because MSU Athletics would like to share that information as part of its promotions and public relations.
  • Will be the largest of any university in the state.
  • The electrical is being finalized along with the LED connections.
  • The sound systems are in on the north side.
  • The south-side LED boards will be installed next week.

Q:  When will the ribbon be installed?
A:  The coring will be done next week and then it should be operational by Aug. 10.

Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum

  • Located on the northeast side of campus along Grand River Avenue and Farm Lane Road.
  • The new sign on the building will be lighted to see at night.
  • The exterior skin is stainless steel with areas of glazing or glass.
  • Currently the courtyard is starting to be put back together.
  • The stairs are unique because they are only connected at bottom and top floors. It will also be painted aluminum.
  • The scaffolding had to be built to accommodate for the slanted walls.
  • The northwest corner is the largest space for the gallery.
  • The café area to be usable by students.
  • They will be installing Maplewood flooring in the southeast gallery area.
  • Lava tile is placed in the restrooms on the main floor.
  • Black, white and gray are the prominent colors.
  • There will have a lot of natural light.
  • The new media gallery will be used for light shows, musical performances, etc.

Q:  Will the fins be able to close?
A:  No, the fins will not close.

Q:  What kind of flooring has been determined?
A:  There will be polished concrete and Maplewood flooring.

Q:  What are the completion dates?
A:  Those dates are currently being discussed at the highest level at the University.

Prior to the creation of Infrastructure Planning and Facilities in January 2013, several IPF departments were a part of the now-dissolved MSU Physical Plant. Some historical articles on this website reference that former unit.

Meeting presentation

July 12, 2012 (PDF)