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July 10, 2014

Thursday, July 10 | 8:30 a.m. | MSU College of Law room 343

Construction Junctions are Infrastructure Planning and Facilities’s monthly public meeting designed to update/inform the public of various projects currently in design, nearing construction and under construction.

Summer Roadway and Parking Lot Asphalt Maintenance – Milling and Re-paving

  • The asphalt conditions are to a point where safety is becoming a concern, and the pavement conditions will not last through another snow season with snow plowing.
  • July 11 to 13: Wilson Road (west of Akers Hall), Pavilion Drive, intersection of Farm Land and East Circle Drive, IM West lot, drive between Packaging and Communication Arts and Sciences, Lot 46 (Plant Biology), Plant and Soil Sciences (east loop and lot), Lot 41 (north of Farrall Hall), Lot 9 (Giltner Hall), Lot 38 (Erikson) and Lot 27 (Veterinary Medicine) – drive between building and Bogue Street and at southeast corner
  • August 9 to 10: Lot 8 (Student Services). This event was rescheduled due to rain predictions on the previously scheduled dates.
  • Work will begin around 8 a.m. on Friday, July 11.
  • Asphalt milling all locations through approximately 9 p.m.
  • Paving all locations and installing pavement markings from Saturday morning through Sunday evening.
  • There will be delays, but the goal is to maintain traffic and not completely close off drives.
  • Some parking spaces will be temporarily blocked while the heavy equipment operates through the drive lanes in parking lots. Once the asphalt is paved and restriped, they can reopen to traffic.
  • IPF will do its best to coordinate contractor schedules to line up the equipment needed for the weekend work to minimize the inconvenience to the campus community.
  • If inclement weather delays work, the areas that aren’t able to get paved will be reopened to traffic on the following Monday, allowing cars to drive on the milled asphalt. Crews will then return after 5 p.m. during the week (weather depending) to pave the remaining areas to limit the impact to the community.

Breslin Center – Berkowitz Basketball Complex Alterations to Basketball Offices

  • The men’s and women’s intercollegiate basketball programs have had extraordinary success, including multiple NCAA tournament appearances, Final Four appearances and the 1979 and 2000 Men’s National Championships.
  • The coaches’ offices and meeting rooms no longer meet expectations for programs of this caliber and are in need of functional, technological and cosmetic upgrades.
  • Upgrades will be made to displays, lighting, furniture, and finishes.
  • Focus will be on reception area, circulation corridors, film viewing room,  coaches conference room and copy room.
  • Construction will begin in April 2015, after the completion of the basketball season.
  • Substantial completion: July 2015

Engineering Research – Hulett Rd. – Addition No. 2 – Food Processing – Innovation Center

  • The property is owned by Michigan State University. It is already set up as a food processing center, and will be renovated with a 3,000 square-foot addition.
  • The facility will train new businesses and startups in food processing to help the economy and Michigan-based food products.
  • There is currently a well at the facility, but it will tie into the city sewer system.
  • As this is an off-campus site, there will be no impact to the Campus Master Plan.
  • The project is anticipated to begin construction next spring.
  • Substantial completion: Dec. 1, 2015

Spartan Marching Band – Artificial Turf Field

  • Artificial turf will provide a safer and superior surface for the band. Intramural sports activities and other summer sports camps will also use the space.
  • Provide a better facility for the marching band to practice one. Mirror the layout of Spartan Stadium field for their practice. The field is also being lined for soccer, so that the intramural sports can use the field.
  • The artificial turf field will incorporate an improved drainage system and an infill system comprised of recycled tires.
  • Other improvements include a band tower, new fencing/gate and drive relocations, relocation of javelin and discus cage and bleacher seating with accessible walk to accommodate 300 spectators.
  • Construction began after spring commencement in 2014.
  • Summer 2014 construction will impact the southeast portion of Munn Field.
  • Completion is required to accommodate marching band practice mid-August.
  • Detour activity around the site is basically over at this point. A small detour will remain on Chestnut Road as fencing is put up.
  • A timelapse video of the field is online.

Q: For the public to watch band practice, would they park at Breslin?

A: Yes. It would not be different than any other public parking.

Q: Is the extra lighting going to be put in?

A: It has not been confirmed if it will be installed before the dedication, but it will be installed.

Clinical Center – C-Wing HVAC Replacement

  • The purpose of the project is to replace existing aged HVAC systems with more energy-efficient systems, provide chilled water to the facility year-round and to provide procedure space within Clinical Center for researchers.
  • The project will also build procedure space within the animal quarters area. This will allow for more research to be done.
  • The area immediately behind the Clinical Center Animal Quarters Wing (C-Wing) will be fenced during construction.
  • Parking spaces adjacent to the C-Wing loading dock will be unavailable during construction.
  • Construction start: March 2014
  • Substantial completion: December 2014

Landon Hall – Dining Renovation, Building Life Safety and Accessibility

  • The plan recommendations include consolidating West Circle culinary services, and it has been determined that Landon Hall is the best location for the West Circle Neighborhood.
  • The building was originally constructed in 1947 and requires major infrastructure repairs to the electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems to meet current life safety, accessibility, and energy code requirements.
  • Students will be moving back into the building this fall.
  • Project start date: June 17, 2013
  • Project substantial completion: July 3, 2014

Q: How many server areas are there?

A: There are four: three in the back and the center island. It will seat 280.

Q: Will the dining be open once it opens in the fall?

A: Yes, it will be open in the fall.

Akers Hall – Dining and Life Safety Renovation

  • The building was constructed in 1964, and is in need of major repairs to the infrastructure for electrical, mechanical, plumbing and life safety.
  • This project will provide a new dining facility for East Neighborhood and new active/quiet study lounges.
  • Phase 1 of the project was a life safety renovation and renovations to the towers. The infrastructure for electrical, mechanical, plumbing and life safety was completed. The east and west towers have been renovated with new study areas.
  • The new dining area will have two interactive serving islands incorporated into seating areas.
  • Akers Road will be closed north of Akers Hall from May 12 to Aug. 12. Maintenance/recycling vehicles will have continued access.
  • The Loading dock/parking lot will be closed May 12 to Jan. 1, 2015.
  • Construction start (Phases 1 and 2): December 2013
  • Substantial completion of Phase 1 (student towers): Aug. 1, 2014
  • Substantial completion of Phase 2 (dining venue): Jan. 1, 2015

North Campus Infrastructure Improvements – West Circle Drive 2014

  • This project is the third of a four-phase program to replace the deteriorating north campus arch steam tunnels.
  • This project involves removing and replacing existing steam tunnels and building service leads, increasing the steam distribution mains to the region, increasing line capacity for high-pressure steam distribution mains, converting the condensate return from a vacuum system to a pressure return, and upgrading the MSU Museum’s steam service to high-pressure steam and pressure condensate return.
  • Construction started in November of 2013 with early work on some of the steam vaults.
  • Substantial completion is scheduled for fall of 2014, before the start of the fall semester.
  • During construction, all the buildings in the zone of influence will be converted to high-pressure steam and pressure-condensate return lines, improving energy efficiency.
  • West Circle Drive will be replaced with two traffic lanes and one bike lane (one-way traffic), providing appropriate vehicular, pedestrian and bicyclist safety improvements.
  • Pedestrian detours are in effect around the project site.
  • The southern area of West Circle Drive that was closed should be back to one-way traffic, and open all the way to Auditorium Road. The section north of that will remain closed until the project is completed.
  • There are display boards set up around the area with fliers that can be taken. Display boards are also available if anyone wishes to set one up in their building to let people know of the scope of the project and the detours.

Q: Will it be totally open before the first football game?

A: Yes, the project will be fully completed in mid-August, and West Circle Drive will return to normal one-way traffic.

Chittenden Hall – Renovation

  • This project involves a comprehensive renovation that respects the historical features of the exterior and interior of the building.
  • Interior spaces to support the Graduate School program will drive the design and layout of these rooms.
  • Renovations will include building infrastructure, addressing needs such as plumbing, heating ventilation and air conditioning, electrical, life safety and data, building envelope and foundation and accessibility, including addition of an elevator and restrooms.
  • Lot 7 (south of Old Horticulture) is partially closed for the duration of the project.
  • The building is currently vacant.
  • Construction started on Nov. 19, 2013.
  • Substantial completion will be in the Fall of 2014.

West Circle Housing Complex – Infrastructure Improvements – 2014 (Phase 2 of 2)

  • This is the second phase of a two-phase project.
  • New steam tunnels, electric service, communication ducts and water mains will replace 50-year-old services.
  • This project will improve reliability for all utility services.
  • Construction started April 7.
  • The substantial completion date for this project is December 2014, but all visible construction will be complete by the second week of August 2014. Work will continue behind the scenes within buildings and underground through December.
  • West Circle Housing Complex will be vacant for summer.
  • Delta Court closed east of the Wills House driveway with no access from Delta Court to Williams Hall, Gilchrist Hall, Yakeley Hall, Mary Mayo, Landon Hall and Campbell Hall.
  • Maintain construction access to the Landon Hall construction site (via West Circle Drive between Landon Hall and Yakeley Hall).

Spartan Stadium – North End Zone Addition

  • The goal of this project is to provide an all-sports recruitment facility, campus-wide media center and new football locker rooms and support spaces.
  • This project includes a 55,000-square-feet two-level addition, adding recruiting rooms to the concourse level, building new locker rooms and team spaces, creating media center on the lower level of the addition, adding public restrooms on the concourse level, adding donor plazas at J and K gates and renovating gates to comply with Homeland Security requirements.
  • Various pedestrian detours will be in effect throughout the course of the project.

Wilson Hall – Creative Commons Renovation

  • The College of Engineering, College of Communication Arts and Sciences, and the Broad College of Business, in collaboration with Residential and Hospitality Services, propose to provide a student-based business incubator environment for the fostering of future employment opportunities and furthering Michigan-based businesses.
  • The project is further supported by connections to Broad College Institute for Entrepreneurship and Spartan Innovations
  • It will provide students opportunities to innovate and connect with professionals in the industry and develop skills and attitudes that will prepare them for working in large corporations.
  • Renovations to the central gathering space (C108) will include collaborative spaces and high-technology offerings.
  • The project will capitalize on renovation opportunities by also taking care of HVAC upgrades to equipment serving the space and replacing end-of-life plumbing serving Wilson café on the second floor (above C108).
  • Start of construction: May 2014
  • Substantial completion: Aug. 1, 2014
  • There will be a partial parking space disruption for contractor material staging at Wilson Hall, but drive lanes and receiving dock will remain open for deliveries.
  • Impacts include periodic building circulation re-route for fire protection installation, classroom access disruption for fire protection installation and periodic disruption to portions of the center section HVAC system (tentative).

Other announcements

Construction Junctions will continue monthly this summer. They occur on the second Thursday of every month at 8:30 a.m.

  • Aug. 14 (College of Law, Room 343)
  • Sept. 11 (Location TBD)
  • Oct. 9 (Location TBD)

Meeting presentation

July 10, 2014 (pdf)