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June 14, 2012 Meeting

Thursday, June 14 | 8:30 a.m. | 1415 Biomedical and Physical Sciences

Construction Junctions are the Physical Plant’s* monthly public meetings designed to update/inform the public of various projects currently in design, nearing construction and under construction.

Shaw Hall – New Dining Hall and Food Emporium

  • Shaw Hall is a residence hall located in the Central Academic District.
  • Due to Shaw's central location on campus and the age of its facilities, it is a high-priority project for dining renovations.
  • This project coordinates with the Residential and Hospitality Services Dining Master Plan, which aims to create an integrated approach to campus dining and align dining facilities with growing housing capacities.
  • The project started in May 2012 and will run through January 2013.
  • This project is mostly focused on dining renovations with some subsidiary projects added on.
    • Replacing the deteriorating water main piping on Shaw Lane; this is mostly complete and repaving is taking place right now.
      • Lane closures on Shaw Lane were finished by Friday, June 15.
    • Parking Lot 37 will be gone and replaced with green space. This project will start once the dining hall is complete in January.
  • New dinning facility will include a two-stop elevator between the first floor and terrace level.
  • There will be a new curtain wall of windows along north side of Shaw Hall that will enhance the view of the Red Cedar River.
  • There will be three venues featured in the new dining hall: Sparty’s Grill, The Bread Box and Feng Shui.
  • The new dining hall will have the capacity to seat 720 people as there will be two wings of flex dining on both sides of the main dining room.
  • Renovation has begun on the first floor dining area and east and west entrances/wings.
  • This project is currently ahead of schedule.
  • This project is using the Integrated Project Delivery system, which allows for more efficient collaboration between the architecture, engineering and construction teams.
  • There will be a temporary grab-n-go food stop in the terrace level of Shaw Hall for residence only.

Q: Will grab-n-go stay after the dining hall reopens?
A: No, the grab-n-go will be closed when the dining hall reopens.

Bailey/Rather Hall Renovations

  • Bailey Hall and Rather Hall are the second and third of six residence halls to be renovated in the Brody Neighborhood.
  • Improvements are being made to the buildings' infrastructures, common spaces, amenities, resident rooms and the surrounding site.
  • The project started in April 2011 and will be complete by fall 2012.
  • The roads in front of Bailey are now accessible.
  • New basketball courts have been put in the courtyard.
  • New volleyball courts will be added soon.
  • New handrails in Bailey are made of stainless steel.
  • One unique feature of the project is the reclaimed wood that is being used in both residence halls.
  • There will be an exercise room in each building with a few treadmills that overlook the courtyard area.
  • The biggest features in Brody Complex in terms of residence halls are that the restrooms are completely rebuilt.
    • Solar-paneled sinks are used.
  • First and second floors of each building will be opened in July for office space.
  • Currently, new flooring is being installed in the halls and residence rooms and they are also being repainted.
    • Each floor will feature a different color scheme.

Armstrong and Bryan Halls Renovations

  • Armstrong and Bryan halls, located on the west side of Brody Neighborhood, are the fourth and fifth residence halls to be renovated in the complex.
  • Improvements to both buildings will include the addition of common spaces to both A and B wings, curtain wall features and artwork, interior project, meditation and fitness rooms, third-floor kitchen/dining areas and accessible entrances.
  • This project started in May 2012 and will go into May 2013.
  • Buildings are mirror images of each other and the same concept applies to each.
  • Each floor of the new buildings will have recycling and a common room.
  • There will be gaming floors in each building with large televisions that are available for residents to connect their DVD players or gaming systems.
  • The third floor of each building will have a kitchen.
  • The second floor of each building will have a laundry room.
  • This project has recycling on site; metals, cardboard, wood, and copper recycle bins are available.
  • This is a LEED-certified project.
  • All ceilings in the corridors will be replaced.
  • Areas in front of Armstrong and Bryan will be closed for the entirety of the project, but will be open for student move-in and move-out.

Q: What level of LEED is this project going for?
A: This project is going for Certified LEED status.

Michigan State Police Post Demolition

  • The Michigan State Police has now relocated its headquarters, and the State of Michigan is in the process of returning the Harrison Road property to MSU.
  • The University has inspected the existing buildings that remain on Harrison Road site and found that the current condition and configuration of most of the buildings does not allow reuse for most University needs.
  • Buildings 13 to 17 are going to stay, as they can be used by departments within the University.
  • Demolition began in April 2012 and is scheduled to be complete in August 2012.
  • At least 75 percent of materials from this project will be recycled.
  • Building 1 is done being abated and windows have been removed and it is ready for demolition.
  • A pincher is being used to slowly and methodically take down the buildings and sort recyclables.

Q: Can front of buildings be saved?
A: Any materials with Michigan State Police crest need to be destroyed for security purposes.

Bott Building (Life Sciences Addition)

  • This project involves a three-story, 50,000-gross-square-foot building that will link to the existing Life Science Building.
  • The Bott Building for Nursing Education and Research will be located southeast corner of Bogue and Service roads.
  • The building will provide gathering space for the community, students, faculty and staff, and will support the college's teaching, research and outreach missions.
  • Special glass keeps temperature inside building stable.
  • The first floor gathering space will feature Terrazzo flooring.
  • Lyptus wood is used in the conference room, giving a more polished look.
  • The building tries to capture as much natural light as possible by using many windows on the walls and ceilings.
  • Geothermal field is located under a field nearby; the field will be used for sporting events and other various activities.

Harrison Road Reconstruction from Trowbridge Road to Mount Hope Road

  • The 2012 Harrison Road reconstruction project includes the reconstruction of the roadway from Trowbridge Road to Mount Hope Road.
  • The completed road surface will continue to have the same lane configuration as the currently existing roadway.
  • The City of East Lansing had a fence put between the Quality Dairy and train station to stop people from crossing the railroad tracks.
  • Many people were crossing the tracks from Quality Dairy to access the train station easier.
  • It’s illegal to cross tracks at anywhere besides designated crossing, and $80 tickets are being handed out to those that do.
  • Starting at 8 p.m. this Friday, Trowbridge will be closed at Chestnut Road.
  • It is suggested that drivers find alternate routes.
  • Original completion date for this project was July 27 but the roads could be open as early as Friday, June 22. Once the roads are open, there should be no more closures.

Steam Distribution – West Circle Steam Loop

  • This project is the first phase of a four-phase program to replace the deteriorating north campus arch steam tunnels and will include installation of a new steam distribution loop around West Circle
  • The first phase of the project began in February 2012 and is scheduled to be complete by December 2012.
  • Currently preparations are being made to pave West Circle Drive.
  • Mechanical work is currently being done between Mason/Abbott and Berkey Hall.
  • Barrier-free pathways are maintained throughout the project, but they are moving. Updated pedestrian detours are available here.
  • Beal Street Entrance is now open to the public.

Q: The sidewalk along the south side of the Beal Street Entrance is now gone, will it be coming back?
A: No, the sidewalk was removed because of various safety issues.

Chestnut Road and New Steam Tunnel to IM West Building

  • This project is located southwest of the IM West Building, along Chestnut Road, in the athletic and recreation district.
  • This project involves the replacement of the existing direct-buried steam and condensate return lines with new lines in a steam crawl tunnel, along with the reconstruction of Chestnut Road.
  • This project started in May 2012 and will be substantially completed in August 2012.
  • Traffic access will flip from where you can access Munn and IM West on Friday, June 22.
    • Currently, Chestnut is closed between Shaw Hall and IM West.
    • Starting on Friday, June 22, Chestnut will be closed from Red Cedar Road to IM West.  
  • Lot 61 will reopen from Chestnut Road on Friday, June 22.
  • Dem Hall Road will reopen, but it will only lead to the IM West loading dock.

Q: Are you on schedule to work past 5 p.m.?
A: Yes, we work sunrise to sunset to meet deadlines.

Spartan Stadium - Replace Existing Scoreboards and Sound System

  • Spartan Stadium is located between Shaw Lane, Chestnut Road and Red Cedar Road in the Athletic and Recreation District.
  • This project involves replacing the existing scoreboards, including sound system and video display, with more energy-efficient technology.
  • There will be two scoreboards located on the north end with a ribbon panel that spans the north end of the bowl and one larger scoreboard on the south end.
  • Construction began in March 2012 and will be complete in August 2012.
  • There will not be advertisement on the outside of the scoreboards.
  • North-end scoreboard will have Spartan logo on the back.
  • The structures for the north end scoreboards are mostly complete.
  • During the week of June 25, the scoreboards will arrive for north end.
  • On the south side, the concrete is laid and the first column is up.
  • The scoreboards will be installed the first week of August and will be tested in subsequent weeks.

MSU Union – Renovations to First Floor Lobby

  • The project will include renovation of the first floor concourse, main lounge, and reconfiguration and renovation of retail outlets including the coffee shop and Sparty's Convenience Store.
  • An information desk will be created at the intersection of the pedestrian flow, and a new connection to the lower lounge from the upper lobby will be built to increase accessibility.
  • The lounge and lobby will receive new finishes, including flooring, carpet, paint and furnishings.
  • Light demolition and abatement has started.
  • This project will wrap up around the end of October.
  • Dining areas are currently being demolished.

Administration Building – Renovations to the First and Ground Floors and North Entrance

  • This project includes removal of the barrier-free ramp, planters and granite steps at the front entrance of the building in order to make foundation repairs and to install a waterproofing membrane.
  • The planters and granite steps will be returned and a new barrier-free ramp with a snow-melt system and entranceway will be constructed to comply with current construction standards.
  • The reconstruction of the front entrance is being done in two phases:
    • First phase is the northeast side of the front sidewalk.
    • Second phase is the northwest side of front sidewalk.
  • The granite steps and the concrete beneath them included in the first phase are currently being demolished.
  • The building is also being power-washed during this project to remove black residue along the limestone.
  • Front vestibule is being removed and there will be a new front entrance.
  • There are none currently set up, but there should be one in the fall.

*Prior to the creation of Infrastructure Planning and Facilities in January 2013, several IPF departments were a part of the now-dissolved MSU Physical Plant. Some historical articles on this website reference that former unit.

Meeting presentation

June 14, 2012 (PDF)