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June 13, 2013 Meeting

Thursday, June 13 | 8:30 a.m. | 147 Communication Arts and Sciences

Construction Junctions are Infrastructure Planning and Facilities’ monthly public meetings designed to update/inform the public of various projects currently in design, nearing construction and under construction.

MDOT – Road repair update

  • The projects are still on track for completion.
  • Though it recently opened back up, Beal Street will re-close for a few days for curve paving.
  • Abbot road will be scheduled to open at Grand River as soon as next week.
  • The recent weather has impacted the concrete paving schedule for some areas.

Q: What is the update on roadway 127?
A: It is moving along well. It is scheduled to be completed August 16. There are more updates on MDOT’s website.

MSU – Roadway asphalt repairs

  • This project will update and replace out of date asphalt on the roads specified.
  • They will take place June 22-23.
  • Many lanes with have either one lane open or an alternate route that motorist can drive.
  • Most of the roads that will be worked on will have overlay work done and can be done in a short amount of time.

Q: Will the project go into the week?
A: No, it will not go into week. If there is any delay due to weather, project will pick up the following weekend.

Q: Will residents living in Cedar village have access to their parking garage?
A: Yes, this will not impact the access to that parking area.

Morrill Hall – Demolition

  • Salvage and abatement was recently completed May 2013.
  • The full demolition of the building will be completed in July.
  • Items from Morrill Hall such as desks, lamps, tables and chairs may be purchased through the MSU Surplus Store.
  • Some of the salvaged stone from Morrill will be used to create the masonry on the commemorative terrace.

Q: Why is the main entrance of Morrill still standing if the rest has been torn down?
A: The contractors are making an attempt to salvage the fluted columns from the main entrance.

Q: Will pictures of the rendered purposed terrace by online?
A: Yes, the picture of the terrace will be in the presentation link for June’s Construction Junction.

Auditorium – Alterations to Fairchild Theatre

  • Primary impacted area is on the south side of theatre. Summer circle placed signage up for patrons to follow detour route around theatre.
  • Special time-lapse video of construction in theatre.
  • New walls are almost finished being installed.

MSU Union – North Neighborhood Engagement Center and Multicultural Center

  • Upgrades to ground, second, and third floors.
  • Multicultural center, engagement center, University Activities Board, and classroom renovations.
  • Part of second floor will be closed but a wall has been built to separate ballroom area and construction. There are special events booked for the summer so a temporary wall was built to block out construction and make area presentable.

Steam Distribution and Road Reconstruction – West Circle Steam Loop 2013


  •  Closures
    • West Circle Drive closed from the Beal intersection east to MSU Library.
    • Two-way traffic maintained from Auditorium Road to the MSU Library so that the MSU Museum, MSU Library and Olds Hall are accessible.
    • Beal Street and Kalamazoo Street opened to traffic June 12. Bridge is now open by Sparty Statue.
    • Some utilities may be interrupted (electrical, computer, phone) as upgrades are made to those systems, but they should be very minimal, short in duration, and will be scheduled in advance.
    • Construction started in January 2013 and will be substantially completed Aug. 16, 2013.

Steam and Road Reconstruction – Bogue and Shaw Intersection

  • The Shaw Lane and Bogue Intersection are completely closed to traffic and pedestrians, and will not be opened until Aug. 16.
  • Parking lot 23, behind Owen Hall, is closed. 

Q: Will Bogue be re-established between Shaw and Wilson?
A: No, it will only go to Wharton.

Q: With Bogue closed, it seems that the traffic light at Wilson should be adjusted.

A: Andy will let the MSU police know of this.

Parking – Lot 67 (Jenison) – Reconstruction


  •  Closures
    • Parking lot: Complete closure of Lot 67 from May 6 until mid-August.
    • Driveway to ramp: Temporary closure of south driveway to Kellogg Center parking ramp expected.
    • Loading dock: Jenison Field House dock closed duration of project.
  • Access maintained to:
    • Jenison Field House for pedestrians,
    • parking loop on the east side of Jenison Field House,
    • Red Cedar Greenway for pedestrians and bikers.

Brody Neighborhood – Utility Improvements – Phase V

  • The parking on the east side of Emmons Hall will be done and opened to residents.
  • Pedestrians will have access to south Emmons sidewalk.
  • Steam and condensate shutdowns to Bailey Hall and Emmons Hall

Brody Neighborhood – Armstrong and Bryan Renovations

  • Project status: substantially completed late May 2013
  • 78% of demolition material was recycled
  • All parking and sidewalks around these two halls are now open.
  • Residential and Hospitality Services are currently moving in furniture.
  • Both buildings are now ADA accessible.

Meeting presentation

June 13, 2013 (PDF)