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June 12, 2014

Thursday, June 12 | 8:30 a.m. | MSU College of Law room 343

Construction Junctions are Infrastructure Planning and Facilities’ monthly public meeting designed to update/inform the public of various projects currently in design, nearing construction and under construction.

West Circle Housing Complex – Infrastructure Improvements – 2014 (Phase 2 of 2)

  • This is the second phase of a two-phase project.
  • New steam tunnels, electric service, communication ducts and water mains will replace 50-year-old services.
  • This project will improve reliability for all utility services.
  • Construction started April 7.
  • The substantial completion date for this project is December 2014, but all visible construction will be complete by the second week of August 2014. Work will continue behind the scenes within buildings and underground through December.
  • West Circle Housing Complex will be vacant for summer.
  • Delta Court closed east of the Wills House driveway with no access from Delta Court to Williams Hall, Gilchrist Hall, Yakeley Hall, Mary Mayo, Landon Hall and Campbell Hall.
  • Maintain construction access to the Landon Hall construction site (via West Circle Drive between Landon Hall and Yakeley Hall).

Q: Are the bike racks that were in place behind Gilchrist and Williams being removed?

A: The bike racks that were in place there were removed prior to the construction, but will be put back in place after construction is finished. There were also a lot of temporary bike racks between Landon and Yakeley, and those will be put into the ground and made permanent.

North Campus Infrastructure Improvements – West Circle Drive 2014

  • This project is the third of a four-phase program to replace the deteriorating north campus arch steam tunnels.
  • This project involves removing and replacing existing steam tunnels and building service leads, increasing the steam distribution mains to the region, increasing line capacity for high-pressure steam distribution mains, converting the condensate return from a vacuum system to a pressure return, and upgrading the MSU Museum’s steam service to high-pressure steam and pressure condensate return.
  • Construction started in November of 2013 with early work on some of the steam vaults.
  • Substantial completion is scheduled for fall of 2014, before the start of the fall semester.
  • During construction, all the buildings in the zone of influence will be converted to high-pressure steam and pressure-condensate return lines, improving energy efficiency.
  • West Circle Drive will be replaced with two traffic lanes and one bike lane (one-way traffic), providing appropriate vehicular, pedestrian and bicyclist safety improvements.
  • Pedestrian detours are in effect around the project site.
  • The southern area of West Circle Drive that was closed should be back to one-way traffic, and open all the way to Auditorium Road. The section north of that will remain closed until the project is completed.
  • There are display boards set up around the area with fliers that can be taken. Display boards are also available if anyone wishes to set one up in their building to let people know of the scope of the project and the detours.

Chittenden Hall – Renovation

  • This project involves a comprehensive renovation that respects the historical features of the exterior and interior of the building.
  • Interior spaces to support the Graduate School program will drive the design and layout of these rooms.
  • Renovations will include building infrastructure, addressing needs such as plumbing, heating ventilation and air conditioning, electrical, life safety and data, building envelope and foundation and accessibility, including addition of an elevator and restrooms.
  • Lot 7 (south of Old Horticulture) is partially closed for the duration of the project.
  • The building is currently vacant.
  • Construction started on Nov. 19, 2013.
  • Substantial completion will be in Fall of 2014.

Q: Was there reconstruction of the foundation?

A: Yes, there was a very soft fieldstone foundation before that you could easily just scrape away. As we dug up from the outside, we scraped away the half between the bricks on the outside and replaced it with mortar, then did the same on the inside.

Q: Was there footing under Chittenden?

A: Yes, we did wind a footing under it.

Q: is the carved word Forestry staying?

A: Yes, the carved inscription is staying. We also found some old wood pieces from forestry. We are not sure yet whether we are going to incorporate those into the design of the building or just give them back to the forestry department.

Butterfield Hall – Renovation

  • Butterfield is the last residence hall in Brody neighborhood to be renovated.
  • There is repurposed wood from the great lakes used for the front desk.
  • There is a prominent Spartan head logo incorporated into the design of the floor in the lobby.
  • The center core of the building was opened up to two stories to give it an open feel. This are used to be two separate stories, but is just a large open room on the first story. This area received new lighting as well.
  • There has been a meditation room put in place. The room is relatively quiet, and contains a foot washing area.
  • Kitchens have been put in place on every level so that students have the option of cooking for themselves. All kitchens have microwaves and cooking surfaces, and some have full sized refrigerators and stovetops.
  • There is also a fitness center on the fourth floor, with the equipment for that being on order right now.

Bio Engineering Facility

  • This project involves a four-story research lab building that is designed to facilitate interdisciplinary research and interaction among all occupants.
  • The building will be physically connected to the existing Clinical Center C-Wing and Life Science B-Wing, with proximity to the Radiology Building to facilitate the sharing of core research resources.
  • Construction started in September of 2013.
  • Substantial completion is scheduled for September of 2015, with substantial completion entailing the first two floors of the building. The third and fourth floor will be shelled out, and will be fully constructed as a separate project once the funding is made available.
  • The two east doors on the southeast side are for emergency egress only (directional fencing in place).
  • The north drive off Service Road will be closed to on-street parking and open to construction traffic and deliveries only.
  • Increased construction traffic will be occurring in this area as the construction of this building continues.
  • The building underground utilities have been completed.
  • The HVAC and sprinkler piping has also been put in place, and the concrete is being poured for the building currently.

Spartan Marching Band – Artificial Turf Field

  • Artificial turf will provide a safer and superior surface for the band. Intramural sports activities and other summer sports camps will also use the space.
  • The artificial turf field will incorporate an improved drainage system and an infill system comprised of recycled tires.
  • Other improvements include a band tower, new fencing/gate and drive relocations, relocation of javelin and discus cage and bleacher seating with accessible walk to accommodate 300 spectators.
  • Construction began after spring commencement in 2014.
  • Summer 2014 construction will impact the southeast portion of Munn Field.
  • Completion is required to accommodate marching band practice mid-August.

Q: What is the construction in the small are on the west side of the field that is blocked off?

A: That area is getting a new strip of asphalt for the relocation of the javelin and discus throwing area.

Munn Ice Arena – HVAC Upgrades and Ice Making System Replacement

  • This project involves replacement of the ice plant, rink surface, dasher board system and glass and also improvements to the HVAC system.
  • The project will take advantage of energy-saving technology for the HVAC system and addresses deferred maintenance needs for this building.
  • Construction started on Nov. 11, 2013.
  • Substantial completion is scheduled for Aug. 8, 2014.
  • Periodic road impacts will occur over the duration of the project through August.
  • Pedestrian access around the site will be maintained at all times with new crosswalks to the north adjacent to Demonstration Hall and to the south at the northeast corner of Munn Field.
  • The concrete surface for the ice has just been poured.
  • The road detour that was in place on Chestnut Road will be reopened Wednesday morning.

Q: Is the bench seating going to remain?

A: The current seating is not going to be replaced by this project, although that may occur as a future project along with an addition to the arena.

Kresge Courtyard Renovation

  • The goal of the project is to provide an “outfitted” permanent and accessible home for the Summer Circle Theatre and create engaging outdoor environment for temporary art display, classes, music performance and informal gatherings.
  • The project will be useful for a number of entities on campus, including the College of Arts and Letters, the College of Music, the Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities, the MSU Police, the Curator of Woody Plants and Campus Planning.
  • The project will include wall and pavement demolition, shrub removals, site lighting relocations, new brick walls, walkways and stage and refreshed landscaping.
  • The utility work will consist of storm adjustments, electrical feed and lighting.
  • The timeline on this project has been pushed back due to budgeting, and the project will be completed sometime in the fall. This will mean that the Summer Circle Theater will not be able to have any performances in the new space this season.
  • Brick from the north wall will be salvaged for this project and used in the construction. Porous rubber pavement made with recycled tires will be utilized for the seating areas.
  • Pavement upgrades will provide a safer surface in the courtyard.
  • Parking impacts are not anticipated, since large performance events will be scheduled in the evening.
  • The new amphitheater design will provide wheelchair access to two of the three seating levels.

Q: Is the rubber seating area loose?

A: No, it is a solid seating area.

Parking Lot 97 – (Engineering research) Expansion

  • Due to cost and funding concerns, Infrastructure Planning and Facilities has reevaluated the Parking Lot 97 expansion project and rescheduled it for summer 2015.
  • The delay will also allow for the project to be completed during summer 2015 without extending into the academic year.

Other announcements

Construction Junctions will continue monthly this summer. They occur on the second Thursday of every month at 8:30 a.m.

  • July 10 (College of Law, Room 343)
  • August 14 (College of Law, Room 343)
  • September 11 (Location TBD)

Meeting presentation

June 12, 2014 (pdf)