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March 14, 2013 Meeting

Thursday, March 14 | 8:30 a.m. | 112 Brody Hall

Construction Junctions are Infrastructure Planinng and Facility’s monthly public meetings designed to update/inform the public of various projects currently in design, nearing construction and under construction.

Bio-Engineering – New Building

  • Original plan was approved by the state government, but plan has had to be doubled in scope and is currently going back through the state government approval process.
  • Level One will maximize interdisciplinary research space, allow for sharing of lab space and equipment (which will increase both work and energy efficiency), allow for a great deal of natural lighting, have collaboration space on the west end, and have mechanical room space on the east end.
  • Level Two will be similar to Level One, but will not have the imaging space.
  • Levels Three and Four will shelled at this time, but will have basic mechanicals installed.
  • At this time, there are no plans to add additional parking as part of the project but there is a study looking at adding parking as a separate project.

Q:  When will project begin?
A:  July 2013

Q:  What are the materials on the east/west elevations?
A:  Brick

Q:  Where will loading dock be located?
A:  At connector between the clinical center and the new building.

Q:  How many rooms can switch from positive to negative air pressure?
A:  Lab areas will have slightly negative air pressure. Corridors and office spaces will be slightly positive.

Q: Who is the architect?
A:  Integrated Design Solutions.

FRIB 25MW Electrical Duct Bank

  • This new electrical duct bank will tie FRIB to the university power plant.
  • Existing power feeds are not sufficient to cover facility’s needs.
  • The duct route will pass through the Farm Lane/Service Road intersection. To minimize traffic disruption, 30-foot holes will be dug on each side of intersection, and then a tunnel will be bored under the roads. This will also occur where the duct route passes under the existing train tracks.
  • Project will start mid-late May and will be done by start of the fall semester.

Q:  Just how much power is 25MW?
A: In comparison, the entire university uses about 60MW, so this is a significant amount.

Music Building Electrical Substation

  • Nearing completion
  • Finishing work will include construction of the loading dock, hand rails and bike paths.
  • The section that heads south of music practice is currently in the process of being backfilled.

Steam Distribution and Road Reconstruction – West Circle Steam Loop 2013 (Phase 2 of 4)

  • Will be similar to last summer’s work, will start at Beal Street and end at the library.
  • Beal Street is now closed, and pavement is being removed. This is also in conjunction with the MDOT project. Street closure will continue through mid-June.
  • A "traffic flip" will occur this weekend to divert traffic to the south side of the road.
  • At Kalamazoo Street bridge, there has been some asbestos remediation, as well as construction of a new crosswalk to keep foot traffic safe.
  • Substation at IM Circle has been backfilled, and is ready for surface work

Steam and Road Reconstruction – Bogue Street and Shaw Lane Intersection

  • This will involve construction of two new steam vaults, one at the northwest quadrant, and one in front of Owen Hall
  • Some metered parking has been taken away in front of Owen Hall to accommodate construction
  • Sidewalk will be closed at the northwest quadrant to allow for a steam-tunnel extension into the existing vault.

Auditorium – Renovations to Fairchild Theatre

  • This has been primarily an acoustical treatment of the theater.
  • New orchestra pit lift will have three positions: house level, level for "loose" seating, and stage level. The concrete base for the lift is four-feet thick and has over six tons of rebar.
  • The proscenium will be rectangular and a bit narrower.
  • Walls will be made of several layers of gypsum wall board.
  • Ceiling will be open, and extend to building roof.
  • There will be barrier-free access changes to the northeast corner, which will include the addition of an elevator.
  • There has been a webcam installed in the interior construction area, which will shoot pictures every hour. This is accessible at
  • Auditorium Road – Between Farm Lane and Physics Road construction
    • Utility work to include repair of storm sewer, installation of new water main and installation of new gas lines.
    • Work will begin May 13 and end June 3.
    • Southside of Parking Lot 9 will be closed during this time

Brody Complex – Utility Improvements – Phase V

  • Original utilities were put in place when the building was erected in the 1950s.
  • Vault 347 at south side of Emmons Hall is in the process of having concrete poured into forms.
  • Harrison Road lane closures are scheduled to reopen by graduation weekend.

Meeting presentation

March 14, 2013 (PDF)