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May 10, 2012 Meeting

Thursday, May 10 | 8:30 a.m. | B122 Wells Hall

Construction Junctions are the Physical Plant’s* monthly public meetings designed to update/inform the public of various projects currently in design, nearing construction and under construction.

Auditorium – Alterations to Fairchild Theatre

  • The alterations are primarily being done to improve the acoustics of the theatre.
  • Upon completion, there will be a new barrier-free access in the northeast side.
  • The alterations will include adjustable curtains so performers can choose to have sound absorbed or reflected.
  • The plaster ceiling will be removed so the volume will increase reverberation time.
  • Acoustical wood will be used on walls to spread out the sound waves.
  • There will be a snowmelt system around the entrance.
  • New bike loops will be added.

Q: Will there be sidewalk improvement along the north side or the theatre?
A: No, sidewalk improvements will not be included in this project.

Library – Chiller Replacement

  • This project is primarily a mechanical upgrade.
  • A plaza seating area is being built above the electrical vault on the south side of the building.
  • There will be a barrier-free access to the back entrance; the entire walkway is now sloped.
  • Snowmelt system will be installed in the back entrance.
  • There are new hot water heating pumps and a new converter.
  • New breakers as part of electrical substation in basement.
  • Done substantially in two weeks, then Landscape Services will be in to put in soil.

Q: Will the barrier-free parking be moved back to the south side of the building?
A: The two spots that were moved to the north side during construction will be moved back to the south side. It is currently not known if there will be more added to the south side.

Music Building – Renovations to Room 128 Auditorium

  • This project consists of primarily acoustical treatment.
  • Seating in the auditorium will be reduced to 185.
  • The back mezzanine will be removed because it causes acoustical challenges.
  • Balcony will be removed as it was a huge reflector of sound.
  • Air conditioning will be added.
  • The new floor will have a barrier-free slope.
  • Just a single section of setting, with aisles on sides.
  • Retractable curtains will be installed along the back of the auditorium so that they can be used for absorption or reflection.
  • The project will achieve substantial completion in October.

Q: Will there be barrier-free access to the stage?
A:  Yes, the current door that allows for barrier-free access to the stage will remain.

Northbound US-127 Auxiliary Lane Widening (MDOT)

  • Construction will take place in late May.
  • No impacts to campus in May.
  • Northbound US-127 will be widened for an auxiliary lane.
    • It will go from the entrance ramp for I-496 to the exit at M-43.
    • The project will take place mid-April to mid-August.
    • The goal of the project is to decrease congestion and improve safety.
    • The bridge over Michigan Avenue and the Vine Street Bridge will also be widened.
    • Drivers will need to be in the right lane approaching Trowbridge Road to go north on US-127.
    • The Trowbridge Road entrance ramp and Kalamazoo Street exit ramp will remain open.
    • At the I-496 entrance ramp, merging will be avoided because the ramp will get its own lane.
    • Traffic to the exit ramp to M-43 will be directed to the Kalamazoo Street exit.
      • The M-43 ramp is close to the work zone, so it will be closed for safety reasons.

Q: If you are widening bridge over Michigan Avenue, will Michigan Avenue be closed?
A: We weren’t planning on any long-term road closure, but there may be intermittent short-term road closures for bridge demolition work and setting of new bridge beams.
Q: How will an extra lane be added to Michigan Avenue?
A: There will be widening on the shoulder side, and pushing traffic over to the median.

Harrison Road Reconstruction from Trowbridge Road to Mount Hope Road (City of East Lansing)

  • Work will be done on Harrison Road from Trowbridge Road to Mount Hope Road.
    • A detour will direct traffic to use Trowbridge Road, Farm Lane and Mt. Hope Road.
    • Construction will be from the second week of May to the end of July.
    • Access to the train station will be maintained using Farm Lane to Service Road.
    • Harrison Road between North Crescent Road to Mount Hope Road will remain open with two-way traffic maintained on one side of the median island.
    • The portion of Harrison Road, between North Crescent and Trowbridge roads, which contains the railroad tracks, will be closed to all traffic for the duration of the project.
    • The north railroad crossing, which is owned by CN, will not be reconstructed during this project.
    • A water main will be extended down Harrison Road to the south side of Trowbridge Road.
    • Curb and sidewalk work will cause single lane closures on Trowbridge Road at times.
    • It is recommended that vehicles take an alternate route in and out of campus if possible to alleviate traffic congestion on Trowbridge Road.
    • The paving will be done mostly at night to prevent traffic problems.
  • Railroad police give tickets for $80 to people who cross tracks at spots that are not designated for crossing.
  • Will be finished July 26.
  • The Ann Street redevelopment project will begin in April end in August.
  • Utilities for new buildings being built in the area will be upgraded.
  • The project will not have much of an effect on campus.
  • Construction will begin on Charles Street to Albert Street.
  • There will be some water main work.
  • The project will include renovations to the plaza.
  • The project will be done in phases to maintain access to the businesses in the area.
  • Pedestrian access will be maintained.

Q: Will pedestrian access on Harrison Road be available?
A: Yes, pedestrian access will be maintained between North Crescent Road and Trowbridge Road.
Q: When will the project start?
A: It will begin the second week of May and be done by July 27. There is not a large amount of utility work to be done, so we hope to finish early.
Q: Will you be communicating with the campus community about closures?
A: Yes, we will be communicating with Physical Plant Communications and ask them to help spread the word. The city will also issue press releases when appropriate.
Q: Do you think it will be a problem from April through August?
A: It will probably only be an issue April to mid-July. Capital Area Transportation Authority officials will determine where they think the stops would be best placed.

Michigan State Police Post Demolition

  • This project is planned to go through August.
  • There are 17 buildings on site.
    • Buildings 13, 14 and 15 are being reused.
    • There has not been an official decision made on whether buildings 16 and 17 will stay.
  • Just finished with building 2, and building 1 will begin soon.
  • Water is being used at the site to control dust.
  • Back parking lot will not be demolished, as it can still be used for parking.
  • Materials are being separated and recycled.
  • Recycling at least 75 percent of materials from demolition.
  • This project is ahead of schedule.
    • Originally scheduled to be completed by the end of August, but it will be done sooner

Steam Distribution – West Circle Steam Loop - 2012

  • Many steam tunnels in the area are about 100 years old and have reached the end of their useful life.
  • The project will take place until 2015 and be divided into four phases.
    • Phase 1 of the project is complete.
    • Started construction on phase 2 on May 7.
  • Work on Beal Street will be done by June 8.
  • The bulk of the project will take place from late May to mid-July.
  • Roads will remain open for the art fair.
  • Access to parking lots and Cowles House will be maintained.
  • Emergency vehicle access to Olin Health Center will be maintained.
  • There are brochures available about the project; if you would like some for your office, e-mail
  • Lot 8 and Lot 7 spaces was just paved for access.
    • Lot 8 will not be gated.
  • Recycling asphalt and concrete from this project to be used in future projects.
  • Pedestrian access will be maintained throughout the project.
    • Pedestrian detour coming from south to north, intercepting pedestrians at end of bride, being detoured around music building.
    • Another short detour on Michigan Avenue that takes them to other side.

Steam and Road Reconstruction – Chestnut Road and Steam Tunnel to I.M. West Building - 2012

  • Work will take place on Chestnut Road between Munn Ice Arena and I.M. West.
  • Work will begin May 7 and end Aug. 17.
  • There will be some parking lot disruptions during the project.
  • Work will be done on the steam tunnels, water mains, and the sanitary and storm drains.
  • From May 7 to May 21, the work will mostly be near I.M. West.
    • There will be temporary sidewalks in place for pedestrians.
    • During this time, Kalamazoo Street will be closed, but Chestnut Road will be open.
  • From May 21 to June 15, the work will be focused on Chestnut Road.
    • Access to Munn Ice Arena will be available from the north.
    • There will be a temporary drive in place from Lot 79 to 61.
  • From June 15 to Aug. 17, access to Munn Ice Arena will be from the south.
  • Access to the Munn Ice Arena loading dock will be maintained at all times.
  • Everything in purple will be done this year.
  • Both of these projects will be done around Aug. 17.
  • Phase 1 will go until later in May.
  • During Segment 2, Lot 69 will be closed and there will be different access.
  • I.M. West loading dock access will be along Dem Hall Road.
  • There will be barriers around trees on campus to protect them from construction.
  • Dem Hall Road is closed; job trailers are set up there.
  • Access is maintained to Jenison parking lot.

Q: Will Phase 3 on Dem Hall Road be done in time for band practice?
A: Yes, construction on Dem Hall Road will be completed in time for band practice.

Old College Field Phase VII

  • The project is being delivered via an internal construction manager.
  • This is the last large phase at of the work at Old College Field.
    • There may be some smaller projects to come.
  • Duct bank work was done over spring break.
  • Phase 7 will include the construction of the Pentecost Plaza and a ticket building.
  • There is also a bike path from the Spartan Statue to the pedestrian bridge by the Kellogg Center being installed.
  • The main entrance will be moved to line up with the softball stadium.
  • The ticket building will be split to have a booth on each side of a walkway that goes through the middle.
  • Work will begin May 7 and end Aug. 10.
  • Access will be maintained to the field via the road bridge behind the Kellogg Center.
  • The bike path and pedestrian walkway will be side-by-side.
  • There will be complete access to Old College Field throughout the project.
  • Baseball and softball games still being played during construction.
  • Barricades will be put up at the Sparty intersection and Kellogg intersection bikeway, and walkway will be completely closed down.
  • No access for bikes or pedestrians along field.

Kellogg Center – Meeting Room Renovations

  • Renovations to the Big 10 Conference Rooms.
  • Major focus of this project is to improve the technology of the rooms.
  • Construction will be start May 23, must be with all renovations done by July 18.

Q: Will there be assistive listening in the meeting rooms?
A: It has been talked about, and it has not been confirmed if there will be an assistive listening feature in the meeting rooms. It has been talked about what was done at the Breslin Center, but has not been finalized.

Spartan Stadium – Structure Review for Scoreboards

  • Scoreboards were installed 1998, and the technology is outdated.
  • The plan is to put a new large scoreboard at the south end of the field and two twin scoreboards with speaker clusters at the north end.
  • Substantial amount of work has been done on the north end with the two scoreboards and ribbon board having been put up.
  • The project will be handed to athletics in early August so the stadium will be ready for Aug. 31 game.

Q: How much wind can the new scoreboards resting on the top of the stadium withheld?
A:  The new scoreboards have been tested and are able to withhold high winds.

Wells Hall Addition

  • The language departments will move in in June.
  • One element of the project that is important is to control the sunlight.
    • To do this, sun-censored shades have been installed.
  • There is steel is exposed as part of the design so people can see how the structure was created.
  • The building features a green roof that is self-maintaining, as long as it is watered.
    • The green roof is built to prevent water run-off or excessive water.

Q: Will there be any open houses to view the building?
A: There are none currently set up, but there should be one in the fall.

*Prior to the creation of Infrastructure Planning and Facilities in January 2013, several IPF departments were a part of the now-dissolved MSU Physical Plant. Some historical articles on this website reference that former unit.

Meeting presentation

May 10, 2012 (PDF)