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May 2013

Thursday, May 9 | 8:30 a.m. | Cook Recital Hall, Music Building

Construction Junctions are Infrastructure Planning and Facilities’ monthly public meetings designed to update/inform the public of various projects currently in design, nearing construction and under construction.

Well House No. 32—Drill Well and Construct Well House

  • MSU currently has 18 active wells that supply drinking water to campus.
  • Over time, those wells degrade so their yield is not what it used to be, and a new well is needed.
  • There will be no road closures or detours for this project.
  • Currently, the project is in the process of test drilling. Once geologists confirm that the site is a good place for a well, construction will begin in late summer or early fall.

Spartan Stadium–Addition 5–North End Zone

Project scope includes:

  • building a two-level addition,
  • adding recruiting rooms to the concourse level,
  • building new locker rooms and team spaces,
  • creating media center on the lower level of the addition,
  • adding future restrooms on the concourse level,
  • adding donor plazas at J and K gates, and
  • renovating gates to comply with Homeland Security requirements.


  • Approximately 18 spaces combined in parking lots W62 and E62 north of the stadium will be lost.
  • East/west sidewalk, adjacent to the stadium, will be closed on north side; pedestrians routed to the north around the construction site.
  • After football season, the northeast corners along with the sidewalk on the south side of Red Cedar Road will be closed for renovations.
  • Starting May 5, 2014, both northeast and northwest corners will be closed for renovations.
  • Temporary lane closure: North of Spartan Stadium, the eastbound traffic lane on Red Cedar Road will be temporarily closed during the summer for site renovations.

Construction will start July 2013 prior to first football game. Most construction will take place after the last home football game on Nov. 30 with a limited amount of construction taking place between the home football games.

Munn Ice Arena–HVAC Upgrades and Ice Making System Replacement

  • As part of the Munn Ice Arena Master Plan, the MSU Athletics department administered a feasibility study of the replacement of the Munn Ice Arena’s ice-making and HVAC systems.
  • Current ice plant and HVAC systems are 40 years old and have come to the end of their life cycle.
  • Project consists of total replacement of ice plant and HVAC systems.
  • New system will allow for year-round ice events and improve operational efficiencies.
  • Construction will start in October 2013, with substantial completion in September 2014.

Hannah Administration–Renovations to Second Floor–VP for Research

  • Renovate VP of Research office suite on the second floor of the Hannah Administration Building.
  • Create offices and meeting spaces that:
    • support collaborative work, and
    • convey a sense of professionalism commensurate with a major research university.

Project scope includes:

  • replacing flooring, ceilings, lighting, paint and office furniture,
  • creating three new conference rooms (two small, and one large),
  • creating open collaborative space,
  • adding small kitchenette with sink, counter space, refrigerator and microwave,
  • creating some private, semi-private and open office space,
  • and bringing natural light into space.

Construction will begin in September 2013, with substantial completion in March 2014.

Landon Hall–Dining Renovation, Building Life Safety and Accessibility

Scope of project includes:

  • an update all life-safety systems in the building,
  • light cosmetic repairs in student rooms
  • the addition of: ◦breakout study spaces throughout building,
  • practice music room,
  • an HVAC system,
  • new lobby area,
  • passenger elevator from ground to third floor,
  • passenger lifts to allow for ADA requirements throughout ground floor,
  • loading dock and service elevator.

The renovated dining hall will include 385 seats and three new venues.


  • June through August:
    • West Circle turnaround impacts between Campbell Hall and Landon Hall (Delta Drive)
    • Parking lot between Campbell Hall and Landon Hall and circle drive completely closed (Delta Drive)
  • The historical presence will remain in the hall, very similar to renovations of Mary Mayo Hall.
  • Landon Hall will be closed for 2013-2014 school year.
  • Construction will begin in June 2013, with substantial completion in July 2014.

Q: Will the dining hall have an ADA-accessible ramp?
A: Yes.

Former Michigan State Police Post–Renovations to Buildings G and H

Environmental Health and Safety will be moving into two buildings. It is currently in three different facilities, and this will help bring it into one.

Scope of renovations to 110 H Office Building:

  • reconnect utilities,
  • access control/fire alarms,
  • create training room,
  • new flooring,
  • paint and patch as necessary,
  • replace shingles on roof,
  • new furniture/work stations.

Scope of renovations to 110 G Warehouse:

  • reconnect utilities,
  • access control/fire alarm,
  • new lighting,
  • restroom renovations,
  • install new divider wall,
  • replace flat roof,
  • demo/paint/patch as necessary.

Construction will start in September 2013, with substantial completion in January 2014.

Steam Distribution and Road Reconstruction–West Circle Steam Loop 2013


  • Road closures:
    • Kalamazoo Street closed from the Sparty intersection north. 
    • West Circle Drive closed from the Beal intersection east to MSU Library.
    • Beal Street will be closed through mid-summer as part of MDOT’s M-43 (Grand River Avenue)/M-143 (Michigan Avenue) project.
  • Northbound campus traffic will be directed to Farm Lane to access north campus.
  • Two-way traffic maintained from Auditorium Road to the MSU Library so that the MSU Museum, MSU Library and Olds Hall are accessible.
  • Some utilities may be interrupted (electrical, computer, phone) as upgrades are made to those systems, but they should be very minimal, short in duration, and will be scheduled in advance.

Construction started in January 2013 and will be substantially completed Aug. 16, 2013.

For more information on campus construction detours, click here

Steam and Road Reconstruction–Bogue and Shaw Intersection


  • The Shaw Lane and Bogue Intersection is completely closed to traffic and pedestrians, and will not be opened until Aug. 16.
  • Parking lot 23, behind Owen Hall, is closed.

For more information on campus construction detours, click here.

Q: Can I park my car at the Shaw Ramp and walk to Wharton?
A: Yes.

Brody Neighborhood–Utility Improvements–Phase V


  • There are driveway closures on the east and south side of Emmons Hall.
  • Steam and condensate shutdowns to Bailey Hall and Emmons Hall
  • May 13: Steam and condensate shutdown to Emmons and Bailey halls, causing:
    • building heat to be affected,
    • and domestic hot water will be available for a limited occupant load during this shutdown.

Auditorium–Alterations to Fairchild Theatre

  • Lot 9, behind Giltner Hall will still be accessible throughout construction.
  • Stage lift is currently being installed in the theatre.
  • Celling has been completely removed.
  • New walls are almost finished being installed.

For more information on campus construction detours, click here.

Q: How long will Auditorium Road between Farm Lane and Physics Road be closed?
A: From Monday, May 13, to Sunday, June 2.

Q: Will Fairchild be open Aug. 23?
A: It will not; it will be open Oct. 21.

Morrill Hall–Demolition

  • Funding was recently approved for the addition of a commemorative terrace in the place of Morrill Hall.
  • The actual demolition of the building will happen early in early July.
  • Items from Morrill Hall such as desks, lamps, tables and chairs may be purchased through the MSU Surplus Store here.

Q: Will the commemorative site lie directly on top of the old corridor blueprint or will it be placed in the general area?
A: The commemorative site will lie directly on top of the old corridor blueprint.

Q: Can more signage be put up warning people not to walk toward Morrill Hall, as the sidewalks surrounding the hall are closed?
A: Yes, additional signage will be put around Morrill Hall.

Parking–Lot 67 (Jenison)–Reconstruction


  •  Closures
    • Parking lot: Complete closure of Lot 67 from May 6 until mid-August.
    • Road closure: Kalamazoo Street between Birch and Demonstration Hall roads for one week in early May.
    • Driveway to ramp: Temporary closure of south driveway to Kellogg Center parking ramp expected.
    • Loading dock: Jenison Field House dock closed duration of project.
  • Temporary pedestrian sidewalk detour:
    • From May 6 to June 1, pedestrians will use south side of Kalamazoo Street.
  • Access maintained to:
    • Jenison Field House for pedestrians,
    • parking loop on the east side of Jenison Field House,
    • Red Cedar Greenway for pedestrians and bikers.

Meeting presentation

May 9, 2013 (PDF)