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October 10, 2013

Thursday, October 10 | 8:30 a.m. | 112 Brody Hall

Construction Junctions are Infrastructure Planning and Facilities’ monthly public meeting designed to update/inform the public of various projects currently in design, nearing construction and under construction.

Akers Hall – Dining and Life Safety Renovation

  • Life-safety renovation includes new fire sprinklers and fire alarms throughout, replacement of fire doors.
  • Accessibility improvements to include new elevators to serve basement, ground, and second floor.
  • Curtain wall replacement at center-core dining and classrooms, high-efficiency plumbing fixtures.
  • Main construction to begin in May 2014.

Morrill Plaza

  • MSU is creating the installation of the Morrill Plaza masonry and landscaping.
  • Project site is open to pedestrian traffic.
  • Completion for the Morrill plaza masonry and landscaping scheduled in October.
  • Bricks from Morrill Hall are for sale at the MSU Surplus Store.

Q: Is there plan for the rest of the sandstone that was salvaged?

A: There is a plan to use the rest of sandstone for Chittenden Hall’s historic preservation.

Butterfield Hall – Renovation

  • Project is on schedule.
  • New restroom is being constructed.
  • New roofing and penthouses are almost complete.
  • All resident windows have been replaced, currently working on curtain walls.

Landon Hall – Dining Renovation, Building Life Safety and Accessibility 

  • Demolition and abatement is almost complete.
  • Exterior brick work for roofing is complete.
  • Pedestrian detour will be constructed around Landon.
  • Main dining hall fireplace and molding currently being preserved.

Michigan State Police Post – Buildings 110G and 110H Renovations

  • Renovations of 110H and 110G to accommodate office spaces for the Environmental Health and Safety Department.
  • Project description of 110H:
    • Reconnection of utilities
    • Access control and fire alarms
    • Create training rooms
    • New flooring
    • Painting and replacement of shingles on roof.
    • New furniture/ work stations
  • Project description of 110G:
    • Reconnection of utilities
    • Access control and fire alarms
    • New lighting
    • Restroom renovations
    • Painting and replacement of roof
    • Install new divider wall
  • Timeline:
    • Construction start: Nov. 4, 2013
    • Substantial completion: Feb. 28, 2014

Meeting presentation

October 10, 2013 (PDF)