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October 9, 2014

Thursday, Oct. 9 | 8:30 a.m. | MSU College of Law room 343

Construction Junctions are Infrastructure Planning and Facilities’s monthly public meeting designed to update/inform the public of various projects currently in design, nearing construction and under construction.

Campus improvements video:

Facility for Rare Isotope Beams - Power Plant Connection

The goal of this project is to provide an interface point for connecting the FRIB 25MW circuits and a future upgraded utility substation to the T.B. Simon Power Plant. 

The project consists of the following three elements:

  • Switch house containing circuit breakers as connection points for:
    • The FRIB 25 MW circuits.
    • Connections to T.B. Simon Power Plant.
    • Connections to a future upgraded utility substation.
  • Duct bank and interconnecting cable between the switch house and T.B. Simon Power Plant.
  • New circuit breakers in T.B. Simon Power Plant to connect the interconnecting cables.


  • Construction start: January 2015
  • Energizing of FRIB: March 2016
  • Project completion date: March 2017

Natural Gas Distribution System - Upgrade Infrastructure at T.B. Simon Power Plant

  • Project goal includes the installation of a reliable 1500 MCFH (thousand cubic feet per hour) natural-gas delivery system to meet campus needs.
  • This project is an off-shoot of the T.B. Simon Power Plant – Capacity and Future Needs project to increase the capacity of the natural gas delivery system.

Project scope:

  • Installation of a new high-pressure service from Mount Hope Road to the T.B. Simon Power Plant.
  • Installation of a new meter stand.
  • Augmentation to several miles of high pressure main throughout the Lansing area.


  • Project site is isolated to the service district of south campus at the T.B. Simon Power Plant and adjacent areas.
  • Lot 89 west driveway maybe closed for construction purposes.


  • Construction start: April 2015
  • Gas service complete: May 2016
  • Project completion date: October 2016

Engineering Building - Chiller Replacement

  • Chiller Replacements will replace aging cooling equipment at the end of its useful service life.
  • The goal is to implement a comprehensive, long-range plan to create a regional chilled water loop among six buildings including the Engineering Building, Anthony Hall, Food Science, Natural Resources, Packaging, and Communication Arts and Sciences.
  • Create a chilled-water network serving the affected buildings as efficiently as possible. 

Energy and sustainability:

  • New chillers at the Engineering Building produce chilled water using 60% less energy than the absorption machines currently installed.
  • New chillers will fit in the existing mechanical room, avoiding excessive site disturbance for a building addition.
  • Engineering chillers will be large enough to be “base loaded” vs. Anthony and Food Science chillers.
  • Most efficient machines in the loop will meet cooling demand at all six buildings for majority of the year.
  • Project will avoid investing in a chiller plant at both the Engineering Building and Communication Arts and Sciences


  • Construction start: May 2015
  • Pedestrian circulation restored: Aug. 14, 2015
  • Substantial completion of chiller system: April 2016

Q: Will this affect year-round cooling in the MSU High Performance Computing Center?

A: No, that room is on a different chiller that has already been updated and it won’t be affected by the upgrade.   

Grand Rapids Research Center

  • New off-campus facility located on the Medical Mile. MSU acquired property in 2012.
  • This will be a bio-medical research building.
  • It will consist of two phases.
    • In phase I there will be 36 principal investigator teams, 146,500 gross square feet, five stories and a mechanical penthouse. Opens in 2017.
    • Phase II will add 12 principal investigator teams. The opening date has not been determined yet.
  • This project will build on success of MSU partnerships and medical education in West Michigan.

Project delivery options:

  • Public/private partnership (P3) vs. traditional MSU construction
  • Issued P3 request for proposal based on MSU schematic design basis of design.
  • MSU is currently completing design development, reviewing P3 submissions and engaging consultants to assist with financial assessment.


  • Construction start: February 2015
  • Building construction complete: June 2017
  • Project completion: November 2017

Q: Is there any consideration in the design to break up the labs?

A: When bringing in new lab researchers it is more feasible to have them work alongside other researchers in the same lab. We also are trying our best to be flexible and doing whatever we can to foster the collaborations between researchers. 

Cyclotron - Addition 16 - Office

  • Project goal is to expand the office portion of the facility to accommodate the new staff, faculty and students that are being hired in support of the FRIB project.

Project scope:

  • Partial demolition of the existing Cyclotron.
  • New six-story office addition envisioned.
  • Build out of electrical and mechanical systems.


  • Parking or utilities on site will not be impacted by the project.


  • Construction start: January 2015
  • Substantial completion or occupancy: April 2016

MSU Community Music School - Reconstruct Parking Lot

  • Project goal is to reconstruct and reconfigure the existing parking lot.

Project scope:

  • Reconstruct the lot to meet MSU standards, including:
    • Safety
    • Accessibility
    • Re-use of existing site lighting
    • Pavement design
    • Storm water management
    • Demolish existing house on property


  • Construction start: May 11, 2015
    • May pursue earlier start for house demolition
  • Parking lot re-open: April 7, 2016
  • Project completion date: July 7, 2016

Q: Is there any work being done that will change the structure of the building?

A: Not that I know of. The building had work done when the property was acquired by MSU. 

Pathways - Red Cedar Greenway - Sparty to Farm Lane

  • This upgrade to the Red Cedar River Trail will increase user capacity to include separate dedicated paths for pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • Improved safety of the pathway for all users by improving the pavement and lighting.
  • Provided an accessible route on the south side of the river, which meets ADA design standards.
  • This project was completed in three phases, moving from east to west.
  • This project began construction in May and is now complete.

Q: Is there anything being done about people with disabilities who have to cross the bike path in order to enter Erickson Hall?

A: That is something that we are currently working on. We are strategically trying to find a way to accommodate that issue. 

Bessey Hall - Renovate Third Floor

  • Comprehensive renovation of 11 classrooms in Bessey Hall, included rooms: 304, 305, 306, 307, 310, 311, 312, 313, 314, 315, 316 and limited renovation to 317.
  • Four existing classrooms were converted into two REAL (Rooms for Engaged and Active Learning) classrooms.
  • Renovations in classrooms include new ceilings, lighting, flooring, paint, white boards, window treatments, technology and furniture.
  • Renovations to restrooms include updated lighting and new paint.
  • Updates to furniture in corridor for students waiting for class in the hallways.
  • Construction began May 2014, and was completed in August 2014.

Bio Engineering Facility

  • This project involves a four-story research lab building that is designed to facilitate interdisciplinary research and interaction among all occupants.
  • The building will be physically connected to the existing Clinical Center C-Wing and Life Science B-Wing, with proximity to the Radiology Building to facilitate the sharing of core research resources.
  • Substantial completion is scheduled for September 2015, with substantial completion entailing the first two floors of the building. The third and fourth floor will be shelled out, and will be fully constructed as a separate project once the funding is made available.
  • The building underground utilities have been completed.
  • The HVAC and sprinkler piping has also been put in place.
  • Duct work is complete.


  • The two east doors on the southeast side are for emergency egress only (directional fencing in place).
  • The north drive off Service Road will be closed to on-street parking and open to construction traffic and deliveries only.
  • Increased construction traffic will be occurring in this area as the construction of this building continues.


  • Construction started in Sept. 2013.
  • Project completion date: September 2015

Biomedical Physical Sciences- LAB Facility Monitoring Aircuity Optinet System/ Implement Energy Conservation Measures

  • This project will build laboratory controls upgrades, and indoor air quality monitoring system installation, will facilitate energy conservation.
  • Updating the controls will allow the building automation system to setback the air exchange rate within the building laboratories, to save energy when the indoor air quality system indicates that a safe environment is being maintained.


  • Each lab is being taken offline for a three-day period while new equipment is installed and then turned back over to researchers.


  • Project start: Aug. 1, 2014
  • Tentative project completion: Dec. 31, 2014 (lab schedules and availability control the installation schedule)

Q: Have you received any push back from the lab staff?

A: No. We held town hall meetings and planned early enough to include them in our plans. 

Clinical Center – C-Wing HVAC Replacement

  • The purpose of the project is to replace existing aged HVAC systems with more energy-efficient systems, provide chilled water to the facility year-round and to provide procedure space within Clinical Center for researchers.
  • The project will also build procedure space within the animal quarters area. This will allow for more research to be done.


  • The area immediately behind the Clinical Center Animal Quarters Wing (C-Wing) will be fenced during construction.
  • Parking spaces adjacent to the C-Wing loading dock will be unavailable during construction.


  • Construction start: March 2014
  • Substantial completion: December 2014

Other announcements

Construction Junctions will continue monthly on the second Thursday of every month at 8:30 a.m.

  • Nov. 13 (College of Law, room 343)
  • Dec. 11 (TBD)
  • Jan. 8 (TBD)

Meeting presentation

Oct 9, 2014 (pdf)