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Wonders Hall - teaching, learning and student support renovation

Project phase: Planning/Design

Project background

  • Residential and Hospitality Services (RHS), as part of the Dining Services Master
    Plan, closed the Wonders Hall Cafeteria in December 2011. The space was
    transferred to the Office of the Provost for future redevelopment focused
    on teaching, learning, and student support.
  • Current practice in teaching and learning requires new types of spaces which
    accommodate technology and more engaged activities. Such spaces
    also support extended hours and opportunities for self-guided learning.
  • The former cafeteria in Wonders Hall provides an opportunity to create a place
    that can
    provide a significant mix of teaching and learning spaces, including the
    "Tool Box". It will also allow the re-purposing of instructional space
    Wonders Hall that is less suited to current teaching and learning pedagogies.

Project scope

  • Renovations to the center section of Wonders Hall including:
    • converting the second floor former cafeteria space into modern teaching and learning spaces, with the technology needed for such spaces
    • conversion of existing classrooms located on the first floor to provide space for other student support functions
    • infrastructure improvements such as elevator and restroom additions; modifications for barrier-free accessibility; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning upgrades; and life safety
  • The renovation work may require life safety enhancements in the residential wings that will be studied during the planning stage.


  • Construction start: TBD
  • Construction end: TBD

Project budget

  • Based on cost experience for similar projects and current pricing information, the preliminary project cost estimate is $12,000,000 - $13,000,000 excluding additional life safety improvements and capital renewal items that may be added to the project during the planning stage. This estimate may change as the project and its scope are refined during the planning process.
  • The source of funds for the project is expected to be the general fund and Residential and Hospitality Services - auxiliary operations.

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