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Anaerobic digester

Anaerobic digester

Project phase: Archived

The Anaerobic Digestion Research and Education Center (ADREC) is actively engaged in academic and industrial research and education. Michigan State University has completed work on a new anaerobic digester, a system that not only helps reuse waste from MSU’s farms and dining halls but also create energy for some campus buildings. An anaerobic digester is a sealed tank, deprived of oxygen, in which organic waste is degraded at an elevated temperature. This allows the waste material to decompose quickly and produce methane that can be captured and used as fuel.

The system provides a source of renewable energy that will be used to produce electricity for some of the buildings south of the main MSU campus. This system re-uses a large amount of that waste. Any material left over from the digesting process will be used as fertilizer. The Anaerobic Digester system enhances nutrient management on south campus, improving the environmental and economic sustainability of the farms. The south campus Anaerobic Digester project is located at the Dairy Research, Teaching, and Extension Center on south campus in the Agriculture District.


  • Construction for this project was completed in August 2013.

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