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Anthony Hall – Energy Conservation Measures

Project phase: Archived

Michigan State University is a partner in the Better Buildings Challenge, a joint initiative on the part of the White House and the Department of Energy that calls on chief executive officers, university presidents, and state and local leaders to make a substantial commitment to energy efficiency, and recognizes the organizations they lead for achieving results. Each partner was asked to identify a demonstration project that can be used as a model for other organizations to follow. MSU identified Anthony Hall, including the meat laboratory, as its showcase project. Analysis of the building performance indicates that by optimizing building performance through addressing maintenance items, testing and tuning the mechanical systems and adding other energy conservation measures, significant energy reductions were feasible.

Project details:

  • More efficient operation of laboratory ventilation and controls.
  • Cooling tower improvements.
  • Mechanical system testing and tuning.
  • Conversion to direct digital climate controls, and installation of other mechanical system improvements.

Anthony Hall was chosen as a “Showcase Building” under the Better Buildings Challenge initiative that was created by the United States Department of Energy. The goal which has been set is 20-percent savings by 2020, which is in parallel with the MSU Energy Transition Plan to reduce energy by 20 percent over 20 million square feet by 2020. Learn more about MSU's commitment to the Better Buildings Challenge. A detailed overview of the Anthony Hall project can also be viewed on the Better Buildings Challenge website on its showcase project page.

Anthony Hall is located on Shaw Lane in the central academic district.


Start of construction: May 2013

End of construction: December 2013

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