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A rendering showing what the completed Bio Engineering Facility will look like.

Bio Engineering Facility

Project phase: Archived

The construction of the Bio Engineering Facility has provided a unique opportunity to bring together research teams from engineering and biomedical research to promote the development of bio-engineering and engineering health sciences at Michigan State University. These emerging research areas have significant opportunities for increased federal research funding, as well as for technology transfer to the private sector, which can promote the development of a transformational bio-based economy in Michigan.

Collaboration between researchers from different disciplines, ranging from chemical veneering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering to pharmacology, physiology and radiology, will be essential in the development of new areas of research such as tissue engineering. The new laboratory space  provides research capacity necessary to support new hires and funded researchers in the area, and allows collaborators from different academic units to be co-located. Faculty from the College of Engineering, College of Human Medicine and the College of Natural Science are the primary occupants of the building. Additional benefits have been realized with the placement of the Bio Engineering Facility adjacent to the Clinical Center, Life Sciences, and Radiology buildings.

Project accomplishments:

  • Construction of a four-story, 130,000-square-foot research laboratory building.
  • The building is physically connected to the existing Clinical Center C-Wing and Life Science B-Wing.
  • Four floors will provide future research laboratory capacity necessary to support planned research growth.
  • The new floors include wet bench research laboratories, offices, and collaborative space such as shared equipment areas.
  • New secure bike parking facility 

This new Bio Engineering Facility is located between the Life Science and the Clinical Center buildings in the South Academic District. 


Start of construction: September 2013

End of construction: December 2015

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