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Overview rendering of future Shaw/Bogue street traffic intersection

Bogue Street/Shaw Lane Intersection Reconstruction and Steam Repairs

Project phase: Archived

The existing Bogue Street and Shaw Lane traffic circle did not meet current federal design guidelines for public rights-of-way to provide equal accessibility for all users. These new standards required design modifications and traffic signals for pedestrian safety, particularly pedestrians with mobility disabilities.

Additionally, steam system repairs are part of this project as Michigan State uses an intricate network of steam tunnels and lines to heat campus buildings, and some of the lines were in need of repair to avoid failures in steam delivery. The steam system lines serving Owen Graduate Hall were replaced with a steam tunnel to ensure reliable steam service and provide flood-protection measures.

The steam distribution area that was replaced is located between the east side of the Business Complex and the west wing of Owen Graduate Hall. Additional core infrastructure improvements were made in conjunction with the steam upgrades, including water main, telecommunication and electrical upgrades.


Complete closure of the Bogue Street/Shaw Lane intersection began May 5. It was reopened in time for student move-in, Aug. 16.

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