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Hall of History

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Breslin Student Events Center – Facility Upgrades

Project phase: Archived

Project background

The Jack Breslin Student Events Center opened in 1989. The building hosts more than 100 events annually, including acting as the home to MSU men's and women's basketball. In 2013, Residential and Hospitality Services and Intercollegiate Athletics commissioned studies to examine how to use the facility to its highest functional capacity as a major event center for MSU. Specifically, the studies examined current building conditions, variances with current building codes, energy saving opportunities and enhancíng the patron experience at events.

Project location

The Breslin Student Events Center is located on Birch Road in the athletic and recreation district.

Project goals

  • To enhance the student, alumni, fan and public experience by improving the functionality of the Events Center
  • Create a lasting legacy by integrating a sense of Spartan tradition throughout the facility
  • Extend the useful life of the building by improving services to the fans and implementing major maintenance items

Project scope

  • Phase one: 
    • 22,000 square foot addition around building
    • Expand concourse
    • Renovate/upgrade restroom facilities, increase fixture count
    • Renovate concessions stands
    • Improve entry vestibules to main concourse
    • Improve finish levels and experience on concourse
    • Improve site conditions for ingress and egress
    • Improve site security
    • Replace chiller system
    • Connect to East Lansing water system
  • Phase two: 
    • 30,000 square foot addition
    • Create sense of main entry; destination to the building
    • Create a Basketball Hall of History


  • Sections of the center will be off-line during construction in those areas
  • The Hall of History addition will require re-routing of the southeast entrance through the Berkowitz Basketball Complex during construction
  • There will be various pedestrian detours around the construction site as the work progresses
  • There will be intermittent lane closures along Kalamazoo Street and Harrison Road during construction


  • Construction start: January 2016
  • Completion: August 2017


  • $47,000,000.00.  The source of funds for the building renovations will be tax-exempt financing with repayment from the general fund.  The source of funds for the Hall of History will be Intercollegiate Athletics, including gifts.  Interim financing may be provided from tax-exempt financing with debt repayment from Intercollegiate Athletics.

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Project videos



Interactive detour map with current closure information for motorists and pedestrians.