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Brody Complex – Utility Improvements – Phase V

Project phase: Archived

The utility distribution system in the Brody Neighborhood was more than 50 years old and no longer able to provide reliable service. The direct-buried steam and condensate return lines (which are involved in heating and cooling campus buildings) from Brody Hall to Bailey Hall  and Emmons Hall were installed in 1957 and have been repaired several times.

Project details:

  • This project involves replacing the steam and condensate distribution system and creating a loop from the Harrison Road bridge to Brody Hall.
  • The loop provides redundancy so the complex can continue to be fed steam if there is a line break.

This project was located on the south side of Brody Complex, from the northwest side of the Harrison Road bridge continuing along the south side of Emmons. It continued north through the Emmons/Bailey Courtyard to Brody, and the east side of Brody back to Harrison Road.


Start of construction: February 2013

End of construction: March 2014

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