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A rendering showing the completed Capital Area Multimodal Gateway Project. Elements of the image include the bus and train platforms with canopies.

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Capital Area Multi Modal Gateway

Project phase: Archived

This project renovated the East Lansing Amtrak Station and created the Capital Area Multimodal Gateway Project. It brings together all modes of transportation, including rail, local and additional intercity bus (Michigan Flyer and Mega Bus), into a new modern facility.

The Capital Area Transportation Authority, in partnership with Michigan State University and the City of East Lansing, will serve as the transportation gateway to Michigan's capital city region.

Project accomplishments:

  • Demolision of four buildings
  • Utility relocation and hookup
  • New 7,300 square foot Capital Area Multi Modal Gateway, operated by CATA
  • New parking facilities (approximately 150 spaces)
  • Provides for intercity bus boarding area
  • Provides pedestrian and bike access

The Capital Area Multimodal Gateway station is located on the edge of Michigan State University's campus, near the southwest corner of Harrison and Trowbridge roads in the Service District.


Start of construction: Summer 2014

End of construction: Fall 2015

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Interactive detour map with current closure information for motorists and pedestrians.