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Cook Hall - building renovation

Project phase: Planning/Design

Project background

  • Cook Hall is one of six buildings constructed between 1888 and 1909 and is part of what is referred to as "Laboratory Row" on the northeast section of West Circle Drive.
  • Laboratory Row is on the State Register of Historical Sites and the renovations to Cook Hall are part of the plan to restore these buildings over time, thereby preserving Michigan State University's heritage.
  • The renovations  will improve the quality and functionality of office and support space for programs in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Project scope

  • The purpose of this project is a comprehensive renewal of Cook Hall while preserving its historical character.
  • The work scope will be consistent with improvements previously completed at Eustace-Cole Hall, Marshall-Adams Hall, and Chittenden Hall.
  • The renovation is anticipated to include accessibility improvements to restrooms and installation of an elevator; restoration of ceilings, walls and woodwork, period lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning and technological upgrades.
  • Exterior renovations were completed in 2010 and are not part of this project.


  • Construction start: April 2018
  • Construction end: December 2018

Project budget

  • $4,800,000, including a $400,000 contingency.
  • The source of funds for the project is gifts, the general fund-reserve-barrier free access and infrastructure reserve and debt financing with debt repayment from gifts and the general fund.

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