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Crop Science - Field Laboratory - Addition 2 - Greenhouse

Project phase: Archived

The potato breeding and genetics program has expanded over the past few years and outgrown the assigned on-campus Plant Sciences greenhouse space assigned to the program requiring new greenhouse space. Furthermore, the breeding program has added more dimensions to the research such as Genetically Modified (GM) potatoes and production of certified seed of MSU potato lines.  The management of regulated GM plants is enhanced by spacial separation, and for seed certification, there is a requirement to have physical separation of plants in certified seed production.  A new greenhouse space isolated from the Plant Sciences greenhouse is also advantageous because potatoes attract insect pests common to other GM plants. 

Project Scope 

  • Basic site work was done
  • Polycarbonate sidewall and Durafilm roof installed  
  • Connection to existing field lab 


  • Start of construction: July 2015
  • End of construction: November 2015

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