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Demonstration Hall - alterations to multi-use court floor

Project phase: Archived

Project background

  • Recreation and fitness is a priority of the MSU campus community, as reflected in the Bolder by Design Framework and the Health Campus Initiative.
  • Consistent with that priority, the University invests in and supports a wide range of recreation and fitness activities, programs, and facilities that are accessible to students, faculty, and staff.
  • The level of demand, an aging infrastructure for the three primary intramural facilities, and an emphasis on creating and supporting a culture of health and wellness resulted in the need to undertake a strategic planning effort.
  • Over the past two years, efforts have been made to develop a broad-based approach to enhancing recreation and fitness opportunities.
  • The Provost initially established an exploratory committee with representation from students, faculty, staff, and external advisors to guide and inform planning.
  • Following this exploratory committee planning, consultants were engaged to assist with the development of a health and wellness framework plan to guide reinvestment that supports the Healthy Campus Initiative.
  • Projects that include reinvestment in existing intramural facilities, including fields, and Demonstration Hall were identified as priority improvements.
  • These improvements will replace systems and finishes that are beyond their useful life, provide additional capacity, and improve the user experience.

Project scope

  • Upgrade of the arena for adaptive sports, club sports, intramural sports, student use and other campus activities to include:
  • installation of a new arena floor to support adaptive sports, roller blading, soccer, ROTC and other programs
  • installation of new dashboards and a netting system
  • installation of ceiling circulation fans
  • installation of LED lighting systems, including emergency lighting
  • painting as required
  • removal/abatement of ACM floor tile and miscellaneous mechanical piping
  • upgrade of east restrooms to current codes
  • miscellaneous architectural, mechanical, and electrical items


  • Construction start: May 7
  • Ready for occupancy: Aug. 17


  • $2,150,000, including a $175,000 contingency
  • The project will be funded by the general fund or debt financing with debt repayment from the general fund - healthy campus initiative. 

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