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Electrical distribution-upgrade northwest zone

Project phase: Archived

As a result of multiple facility and building improvement projects, the elctrical power and utility circuits in the northwest area of campus have reached their capacity to provide reliable electrical power to buildings and infrastructure. An additional electrical power circuit pair from T.B. Simon Power Plant is required to allow for reliable electrical power for existing requirements and future needs, including the State Police Post Redevelopment project and the pending upgrades to the Bresin Center.

The project will begin at the T.B. Simon Power Plant and service buildings between the Red Cedar River and Shaw Lane from Wells Hall west to University Village, plus the Kellogg Center and Brody Complex. This project will provide an additional electrical utility circuit pair to the northwest portion of campus. Some buildings will remain on the existing circuit pair, while others will be on the new pair. Infrastructure Planning and Facilities Building Services will construct the project.


  • All work will take place below grade, using existing manholes and duct bank structures
  • Minimal traffic interruptions may occur for cable pulls


  • Start of construction: February 2016
  • Substantial completion: August 2016

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