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A conceptual rendering of what the Eppley Building addition could look like.

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Eli Broad College of Business Addition No. 2 - Graduate Pavilion

Project phase: Planning/Design

The Eli Broad College of Business has outgrown its current facility, which lacks cutting-edge technology and collaborative spaces to train future business leaders. The ultimate objective for the Graduate Pavilion is to create a robust integrative culture for the Broad Masters of Business Administration (MBA) Program to match MSU's aspiration to grow Eli Broad College of Business MBA rankings, become a world-class destination for students from around the globe and most importantly graduate future dynamic leaders to become trailblazers spearheading change at existing businesses or creating new ventures. 

This project is anticipated to include the demolition of the existing west wing of the Eppley Building and replacing it with a new four-story addition.

Project details:

  • Highly flexible spaces for teaching and learning.
  • Advanced digital classrooms that foster interaction and collaboration.
  • Team-oriented laboratories.
  • Adaptable meeting rooms.
  • Spaces that encourage intimate, intensive, and productive interactions among students and faculty across all professional graduate programs.
  • Space that will allow the college to connect with businesses across the globe electronically to bring the international business experience in the classroom.  

The Eppley Building is located on Shaw Lane in the central academic district.  


Start of construction: TBD

End of construction: TBD

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