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Emmons Hall with tree and blue sky rendering

Emmons Hall Renovation

Project phase: Archived

Emmons Hall is located on the west side of Harrison Road in the southeast corner of the Brody Complex in the Residential District. The renovation project included major mechanical, electrical and ventilation upgrades and replacements within the building. In addition, Emmons Hall renovations also incorporated:  

  • Addition of life-safety systems
  • ADA code-required modifications
  • Elevator replacement
  • Asbestos abatement
  • Lighting upgrades
  • Flooring and ceiling replacement
  • Reception desk modifications
  • Furnishings and other related improvements

The entrance of Emmons Hall was renovated to be more defined and contain a canopied entrance, providing a curtain wall on the north lobby, and student balconies were also removed. Also, community bathrooms located on each floor of the building were reconfigured and existing plumbing was replaced.


  • Construction began in May 2010 and will be substantially completed in August 2011. The building reopened to students in fall 2011.

Impacts to pedestrians, bikers, motorists:

  • The Emmons Hall entrance to Brody Complex will remained closed until the project was completed in 2011. A single lane of traffic reopened for move-in and move-out.

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