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Engineering Building – Chiller Replacement

Project phase: Archived

The Engineering Building was served by two steam absorption chiller machines in the basement of the south wing of the building. These machines had reached the end of their useful service life, as had their associated cooling towers on the roof. Constructing of a chiller loop from the Engineering building to other nearby buildings has improved energy efficiency, allowing redundant service to those buildings, and accommodates future building additions per the Campus Master Plan.

Project details:

  • Complete replacement of the chiller plant.
  • Demolition and replacement of the chillers, pumps and cooling towers.
  • Installation of a chilled water loop connecting the Engineering building and several other buildings in the vicinity.
  • Installation of new steam absorption chillers, chilled water piping, pumps and controls.
  • Installation of new electrical and HVAC controls.


  • Start of construction: May 2015
  • End of construction: August 2016

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