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Giltner Hall – Alterations to Suites 31 and 32

Project phase: Archived

Giltner Hall is located on the east side of Farm Lane in the North Academic District. Suites 31 and 32 of Giltner Hall will be renovated for the Department of Zoology in the interest of studying the fish species, the stickleback. This project involved renovation of laboratory suites in Giltner Hall to provide ventilation, room temperature control, installation of observation benches, tank rack space, utility modifications and structural enhancements to increase the load capacity.

There were approximately 420 70-gallon tanks distributed in five different rooms to provide improved functionality for the research. Structural support modifications will be made to support the weight of the fish tanks. Condenser units were placed directly outside of the rooms to accommodate the required year-round temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Construction began in November 2009 and was be substantially complete in February 2010, with the final completion in February 2011.

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