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Pathological incinerator - storage - construct original building

Project phase: Archived

Project background

  • Additional storage space is required to manage the containerized materials readied for incineration, including additional secured space for equipment and related transport vehicle storage.

Project Scope

  • As planning begins, the project is anticipated to include construction of a new post frame building, approximately 24x30 square feet, immediately adjacent to the existing incinerator, and new concrete approaches for hard-surface access to the incinerator.
  • The building will be insulated and lined with interior steel, have basic heat and electrical service, and provide card swipe security.
  • It is anticipated that the new building will cause a material long-term change to the landscape in this area.


  • Construction start: late September
  • Ready for use: late October


  • Based on cost experience for similar projects and current pricing information, the cost of the project is expected to be less than $1 million. This estimate may change as the project and its scope are refined during the planning process.
  • The source of funds for the project is expected to be the general fund - Environmental Health and Safety.


  • John Lefevre, project manager, (517) 884-6740