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International Center - revitalization

Project phase: Planning/Design


  • The International Center was built in 1964. The third floor was added to the academic wing in 2000, and this wing was renamed the Delia Koo International Academic Center.
  • The International Center is a mixed-use building that houses a number of functions, including the Spartan Bookstore, a food court, the MSU ID Office, a convenience store, the Office of International Studies and Programs, and classroom and conference rooms.
  • The current usage level of the International Center is not ideal.  The food court is a popular destination during the lunch hour, but is under-utilized at other times of the day.  The Spartan Bookstore is extremely busy at the beginning of each semester, but the tradition of students going to the bookstore for textbooks has started to change in the emerging digital age.
  • The Spartan Bookstore is a popular destination for visitors to campus, but the experience and services provided in the International Center have become outdated.
  • The Center does not currently provide inviting accommodations for student study or collaboration. 

Project details

  • This project aims to reinvent parts of the International Center, including hospitality and retail areas, and transform them into a state-of-the-art university gathering place within the central academic district of campus.
  • The gathering place will create opportunities for exchange of ideas and knowledge; exchange of cultural and global traditions and social interaction; a location to engage in the exchange of commerce in both the traditional brick and mortar as well as the digital space.
  • An enhanced International Center that invites engagement and collaboration will celebrate the global reach of Michigan State University and its highly-regarded International Programs.
  • The rejuvenated International Center will continue to provide the existing services located in the International Center, however, consideration will be given to augmenting those services to meet the early 21st century expectations of e-commerce and retail purchase for, and service of, technology devices.
  • The incorporation of a digital concierge services into the Center could provide the means to enhance the experience of all users of the Center.


  • Construction start: TBD
  • Construction end: TBD

Project budget

  • The preliminary cost estimate will be dependent on scope and will be refined during the planning process. A phased approach will be considered.
  • The sources of funds for this project are lease payments and commissions from vendors and auxiliary resources.

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