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Kellogg Biological Station - Bird Sanctuary renovation

Project phase: Planning/Design

Project background

  • The Sanctuary has provided refuge for Canada Geese and other migratory birds and waterfowl since 1927, while providing research, teaching, and public awareness opportunities for over a million visitors to date.
  • The current facilities have become outdated, with renovations necessary to accommodate visitors and enhance learning and research opportunities, as well as create a warm and welcoming environment to learn about the natural world.

Project scope

  • As planning begins, the project is anticipated to include:
    • Enhancement of the existing facilities through creation of a welcome center from open space
    • Opening up the auditorium to create multi-functional learning and gathering space
    • Creating central gathering spaces (interior and exterior) to enhance programming
    • Upgrading restroom facilities for accessibility and ADA compliance
    • Space alterations to create office efficiencies


  • Construction start: TBD
  • Ready for use: TBD


  • Based on cost experience for similar projects and current pricing information, the preliminary project cost estimate is $2,500,000 - $3,500,000. This estimate may change as the project and its scope are refined during the planning process.
  • The source of funds for the project is expected to be gifts to Kellogg Biological Station or debt financing with debt repayment from Kellogg Biological Station.