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Location of future Michigan State police post

Former Michigan State Police Post – Renovations to Buildings G and H

Project phase: Archived

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) works in partnership with campus units to promote and establish programs in health and safety, protection of the environment, and regulatory compliance. EHS serves as a provider of regulatory guidance and compliance assistance to faculty, staff, and the community as a whole.

EHS staff are currently located across several campus locations. Co-location and consolidation to one site will create efficiencies in the overall operation of EHS, centralize EHS resources, and improve the delivery of services, programs and training opportunities to the research and campus communities.

Further, consolidation of EHS will create an opportunity to repurpose space in two existing facilities, the Engineering Research Complex and Giltner Hall, addressing continuing needs for research space, particularly in engineering and the sciences.

Project details:

  • Interior renovations to buildings G (primarily a warehouse) and H (office).
  • Building H was converted into office space. This included rework of the HVAC systems, modifications to the suspended ceiling and light fixtures, limited modifications to the building site and façade, a new roof and new office systems furniture.
  • Building G was brought up to code. This included an ADA compliant toilet room, fire alarms and smoke detection, energy-efficient light fixtures, installation of fume hoods and casework for the EHS laboratory, a double-door system in the north exterior wall and a new roof.

The former Michigan State Police Post site is located in the Service District, south of Kalamazoo Street and west of Harrison Road.


Start of construction: September 2013

End of construction: March 2014

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