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Natural gas distribution - new pipeline from Mt. Hope

Project phase: Archived

In April 2015 the university announced its intention to discontinue burning coal in the T.B. Simon Power Plant by the end of 2016. This decision takes advantage of competitive fuel costs for natural gas; helps the university to make progress toward its Energy Transition Plan goals; avoids the $4.5 million capital cost of the sorbent technology necessary to comply with EPA requirements for burning coal, as well as the on-going operational cost of the sorbent technology (estimated at approximately $100,000 per year); and avoids the cost of removing and disposing of fly ash, a by-product of coal burning.

This MSU project supports the university's plan to cease burning coal as a fuel source by the end of 2016 by increasing the reliability of the gas delivery system through the installation of a second natural gas line. A second gas line protects MSU in case of a failure on one of the lines and make it possible to conduct more effective testing to ensure the on-going integrity of the gas lines into the plant.

This project was located south of the Power Plant between Mt. Hope Road and Service Road in the service district. This project involved the installation of a second Consumers Energy gas line feed to the T.B. Simon Power Plant. The project also included the installation of a valve on the main distribution line between the two gas lines that will supply gas to the power plant. This secures the gas flow if one line experiences an interruption, and is in addition to improvements made by Consumers Energy.


  • Start of construction: October 2015
  • End of construction: March 2016

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