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This drawing illustrates the 2014 road reconstruction limits. The limits extend around West Circle Drive from Auditorium Road to East Circle Drive.

North Campus Infrastructure Improvement – West Circle Drive 2014

Project phase: Archived

The north campus arch-style steam tunnels were 87 to 102 years old and have significantly deteriorated. The structural anchors, pipe supports and steam equipment within these tunnels were severely deteriorated and required replacement or repair for safe and reliable operation of the steam distribution system. Communication lines were in the same tunnels as steam and condensate return lines, which is not optimal. The existing electrical duct bank was full, requiring additional ducts be installed for future electrical improvements to this region of campus. This project is the third segment of a four-segment program.

Project details:

  • Replacement of the deteriorating north campus steam tunnels and building service leads.
  • Increasing the steam distribution mains to the region.
  • Increasing steam line capacity and converting the condensate return from a vacuum system to a pressure-return system.
  • Upgrading the steam service to all buildings in the project area.
  • Removing the vacuum return system from the north campus substation.
  • Reconstructing West Circle Drive from Auditorium Road to East Circle Drive (Linton Hall Service Drive) in accordance with the Campus Master Plan, providing appropriate vehicular, pedestrian and bicyclist safety improvements.
  • Creating additional communication and electrical ducts.

This project was centered along West Circle Drive from Auditorium Road north to Linton Hall, near the intersection with East Circle Drive.


Start of construction: November 2013

End of construction: August 2014

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Interactive detour map with current closure information for motorists and pedestrians.