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Olin Health Center - renovations for student health and wellness

Project phase: Construction

Project background

  • Olin Health Center was built in 1939 and is the primary health care facility for MSU students.  It houses a wide variety of health care services, including primary care and specialized health services such as psychiatry.
  • During 2016 an action committee comprised of leadership and staff from Student Health Services, Psychiatry Services, and the Counseling Center, as well as members of faculty, was charged with developing a strategy to integrate the University's counseling and psychiatric services for students.
  • The committee recommended establishment of a new multi-disciplinary, inter-professional model of care and services for students that brings together not only Psychiatry Services and the Counseling Center, but also the Sexual Assault Program (SAP) and Student Health Services, including primary care and health promotion.
  • Based on this recommendation, the University is moving forward with a unified service model called "Student Health and Wellness".

Project goals

  • Physical co-location of the Counseling Center, Psychiatry Services and the SAP in the Olin Health Center to provide an appropriate continuum of care for students.
  • Integration of expanded counseling, psychiatric, and sexual assault services with primary care services.

Project scope

  • Renovations to various areas within Olin Health Center necessary to support the co-location
  • The renovations may include the creation of:
    • Additional offices
    • Therapy  rooms
    • Check-in/check-out
    • Waiting areas
    • Public restrooms
    • HVAC modifications
  • The project team will address accessibility and environmental requirements and review energy savings opportunities and capital renewal needs.


  • Construction start: TBD
  • Construction completion: TBD

Project budget

  • The Administration will update the Board on the project cost estimate during the latter stages of the planning phase, as a number of scenarios, with varying estimates, will be considered.
  • The source of funds for this project is expected to be the general fund.




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