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Parking Lot 97 (Engineering Research) Expansion

Project phase: Archived

Parking Lot 97 was originally constructed with the Engineering Research Complex in 1986. When the Energy and Automotive Research Facility addition was constructed in 2007, a perimeter drive and additional parking were added, bringing the current lot capacity to 216 spaces. The pavement in the original parking lot has outlived its useful life and does not meet current pavement-system design standards. In addition, this zone of campus needed additional parking with the construction of the Bio Engineering Facility.

Project Details:

  • Added approximately 260 parking spaces to the existing 201, totaling 461 spaces.
  • Reconstructed to meet current standards for safety, accessibility, storm water management, lighting efficiency and pavement.
  • Existing and new parking lot lighting will be LED.
  • Demolished concrete curb and walk material was recycled as pavement base.
  • Material long-term change to the landscape.

The project is located adjacent to the Engineering Research Complex, south of Service Road and east of Bogue Street in the south academic district.


Start of construction: May 2015 

End of construction: July 2015 

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