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Plant Biology – North Wing Lab Exhaust System Replacement

Project phase: Archived

The original wing of Plant Biology was constructed in 1966, with subsequent additions in 1968 and 1985. The sections of the building from the 1960s house research that utilizes laboratory fume hoods which require exhaust systems. It was determined that exhaust fumes were being re-introduced into the building through the fresh air intakes, and needed to be replaced.

Project details:

  • Comprehensive replacement and consolidation of the central exhaust systems serving the north wing and east teaching wing of Plant Biology.
  • Demolition of existing fans in the north penthouse.
  • Roofing modifications and reinforcements to accommodate new equipment.
  • New high-plume lab-exhaust fans.
  • Ductwork modifications within the penthouse.
  • HVAC controls for new equipment.
  • Electrical support as needed.

The Plant Biology building is located on Wilson Road, west of Bogue Street in the Central Academic District.


Start of construction: February 2013

End of construction: June 2013

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