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Poultry Hen Laying Facility

Project phase: Archived

Legislation influencing animal housing has become increasingly prevalent. Continued scrutiny of poultry production and a push to regulate it are evidenced by legislation being passed in California in 2008 and a ballot initiative in Ohio in 2010. Michigan was affected in 2009 with the passage of Michigan legislation (PA 117) that phases out the use of conventional cages used in laying hen production during the next 10 years. Research is essential to determine the most efficacious type of housing that will be used to replace laying hen housing in Michigan, which is projeted to require an investment of $50 million to $200 million during the 10-year phaseout. The transition requires additional research followed by outreach programs to disseminate the findings. The research requires a new specially-designed facility.

This project will include the construction of a post-frame facility to house a minimum of approximately 6,000 laying hens in three different housing systems at the Poultry Teaching and Research Center that is located on Jolly Road east of College Road in the Agricultural District. The housing facility will have 12 individual rooms (500 hens per room), with four rooms containing conventional housing, four rooms of enriched housing and four rooms of an aviary system.


  • Construction on this project began in February 2011, with substantial completion in December 2012.

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