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Veterinary Medical Center - replace HVAC-1 and HVAC-21

Project phase: Planning/Design

Project background

  • Through its capital renewal program,Infrastructure Planning and Facilities (IPF) partners with campus stakeholders to identify key general fund building deficiencies that must be addressed before building failure in order to maintain functions.
  • Through the Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) program, IPF looks for opportunities to improve energy efficiency.
  • The resulting maintenance and ECM opportunities are compiled and prioritized annually.
  • The process is based on the expert judgment of those in the field; the maintenance and ECM projects are coordinated with other construction and renovation projects on campus.
  • The most critical projects are identified each year using the following "risk-based" criteria:
    • Imminence of system failure.
    • Potential for human or research safety to be jeopardized.
    • Potential for disruption and the impact of the disruption.
    • Probability of escalating damage to other systems or property.
    • Near-term programmatic planning affecting maintenance projects already identified; opportunities for coordination and cost savings.
  • As planning begins, project teams will examine options to deliver these projects as efficiently as possible, including coordination with other infrastructure and programmatic needs.

Project details

  • Replace HVAC-1 and HVAC-21 to improve energy conservation


  • TBD


  • $1,650,000 - $2,000,000. The source of funds is expected to be from the general fund - capital renewal

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