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Ralph Young Track - replace field hockey playing surface

Project phase: Planning/Design


The current field hockey pitch (playing surface) has exceeded its useful life and requires replacement. Failures in the subsurface are beyond repair. Seams are failing, potentially affecting player safety and game integrity.

Project details

As planning begins, it is anticipated that this project will include replacing the artificial turf, underlayment, and irrigation system. The projdect team will examine options for more efficient irrigaiton systems that are required to maintain a safe and consistent playing surface. NCAA rules require surface hydration of the field hockey pitch, as the moisture helps to reduce injuries and holds the ball to the turf, providing a more consistent playing surface.

Ralph Young Field is located on the corner of Shaw Lane and Chestnut Road in the athletic and recreation district.

Questions, comments, concerns?

Project representative

Tressa Wahl,, (517) 884-2185