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All-season rink - construct original building

Project phase: Planning/Design

Project background

  • Recreation and fitness is a priority of the MSU campus community, as reflected in the Bolder by Design Framework and the Health Campus Initiative.
  • The university invests in and supports a wide range of recreation and fitness activities, programs and facilities that are accessible to students, faculty and staff.
  • The level of demand, an aging infrastructure for the three primary facilities and an emphasis on creating and supporting a culture of health and wellness result in the need to undertake a strategic planning effort. 

Project scope

  • As planning begins, it is anticipated that the strategic development effort will develop a broad-based approach to providing enhanced recreation and fitness opportunities.
  • This planning effort is intended to identify a range of options that utilize the campus, both indoors and outdoors, in traditional and non-traditional ways.
  • These options may include additional space, renovations or other capital improvements.
  • Just-in-time maintenance needs associated with existing recreation and fitness facilities will be evaluated in this context.
  • The Provost will establish an exploratory committee with representation from students, faculty, staff, and external advisors to guide and inform the planning to support the Healthy Campus Initiative and this strategic development effort.
  • Prior to implementation, each phase or component of the strategic development initiative would be brought to the Board for authorization to proceed, including associated just-in-time projects. 


  • $2,500,000
  • It is anticipated that funding for capital improvements will be a combination of general fund cash and long-term debt financing. 

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