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Spartan Stadium Scoreboards rendering

Spartan Stadium – Replace Existing Scoreboards and Sound System

Project phase: Archived

The former Spartan Stadium scoreboards, including video display and sound system, were installed in 1998. The technology these boards use has become outdated and more difficult to service, as parts are no longer being manufactured. The sound system, which is housed in the existing south scoreboard, also uses outdated technology that does not adequately service the facility. The outer skin of the south scoreboard continues to be problematic during high winds, requiring regular repair. These boards also lag behind other highly competitive Football Bowl Subdivision football stadiums. Contemporary scoreboards allow additional revenue opportunities, and are becoming the norm for Big Ten football stadiums.

Spartan Stadium is located between Shaw Lane, Chestnut Road and Red Cedar Road in the Athletic and Recreation District. This project involves replacing the existing scoreboards, including sound system and video display, with more energy-efficient technology. There will be two scoreboards located on the north end with a ribbon panel that spans the north end of the bowl and one larger scoreboard on the south end. The new scoreboards will include structural improvements.

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